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Armored Warfare BMPT Terminator 13

Armored Warfare’s BMPT Terminator in real life

In real life The BMPT Terminator is an armored fighting vehicle (AFV) designed by the Russian company Uralvagonzavod in service since 2011. After Soviet experience in Afghanistan and the lackluster performance of infantry fighting vehicles like the BMP-1 and BMP-2, new requirements were developed. The main requirements included enhanced protection from RPGs, offer massive firepower, and have the protection equivalent to a main battle tank (MBT). The main job of the Terminator is anti-infantry, fighting in urban areas, and...

Armored Warfare's expeditionary tank 3

Armored Warfare’s Expeditionary Tank in real life

In real life The Expeditionary Tank is a United States light tank developed in the 1980s by Teledyne Vehicle Systems. The tank was developed from the concept of using highly mobile light tracked vehicle that could be versatile on the battlefield. A major goal of the concept was to increase the combat effectiveness of light armored forces and have armored vehicles transported by a C-130 hercules or C-141 Starlifter planes. Army specifications led to the Armored Gun Systems competition where three...

MBT-70 prototype #5 6

Armored Warfare’s MBT-70 in real life

In real life The MBT-70 was jointly developed by the United States and West Germany in the 1960s. The German prototype of this main battle tank (MBT) was designated KPz-70. Although both countries needed a new battlefield tank to combat Soviet tanks having increased firepower and protection, tactics between the two militaries were different enough that the requirements for both could not be met. Disagreements over requirements, a protracted development history, and costs over five...

Armored Warfare 2S14 Zhalo vehicle 4

Armored Warfare 2S14 Zhalo-S in real life

In real life The 2s14 Zhalo-S in real life was a prototype variant of the BTR-70. The Russian BTR-70 did see service as an eight-wheeled, amphibious armored personnel carrier (APC) developed during the late 1960s and accepted into service in 1972. The 2s14 Zhalo-S is not the BTR-70, nor was it meant to be an APC. This variant was intended to use as a hit-and-run tactics as a tank destroyer, being armed with a 2a62 anti-tank...

Armored Warfare's T-14 Armata 16

T-14 Armata coming to Armored Warfare

The soon to be unveiled new Russian main battle tank, T-14 Armata, is officially making its way to Armored Warfare. This confirms that the 9th and 10th tiers will eventually be present in Armored Warfare. T-14 “Armata” tank main features: The T-14 “Armata” tank was partially created using the solutions developed for the previous experimental vehicles “T-95” and “Black Eagle”. The T-14 Armata features: A 125mm 2A82-1M smoothbore gun; An unmanned, remotely-controlled turret, which allows...

Armored Warfare Value coins 12

Armored Warfare Founder’s Pack Value

We know the Armored Warfare Founder’s Packs are available now, but are they worth it? Do they represent a good deal? If you are already familiar with Armored Warfare and the founders pack system in modern day gaming, feel free to jump down to the lower sections . What are Founder’s Packs and how do you measure their value? Founder’s pack have become fairly common in today’s gaming world. For the player they usually offer the...

Armored Warfare Founders Packs 4

Armored Warfare founders packs announced!!!

The day has arrived, it is time to purchase Armored Warfare founders packs that allow you to play in the early access tests! We had predicted founders packs would come in April and we have not been disappointed! A few key things to note: If you only want access, go for the cheapest Soldier of Fortune option for $14.99 If you are on a budget but still want a tank, go for the second Mercenary...

World of Tanks blogger and Armored Warfare alpha tester RitaGamer 0

RitaGamer plays Armored Warfare with SilentStalker

Joining other alpha testers with Armored Warfare gameplay on YouTube, RitaGamer gets the opportunity to play with an Armored Warfare staff member! One tidbit of information that isn’t too surprising, SilentStalker seems to confirm the artillery view in Armored Warfare was inspired by the Battle Assistant mod in World of Tanks. They discuss SPGs some, but not all of the differences between  artillery in Armored Warfare and World of Tanks.  

Russian tank T-72 on Rubles 0

Armored Warfare’s publisher downgraded after revenues increase

Armored Warfare is developed by Obsidian Entertainment but published by*, a brand of Russian company On 4/23/2015 was set to announce revenues. Today in a note to investors, Barclays downgraded’s stock to an equal weight rating. This despite’s first quarter revenues increased by 7.3% year-on-year. Advertising revenue being down, economic conditions in Russia, and the abandonment of of the sale of HeadHunter were mostly to be blamed, according ot What does this have to do...

BMP in Afghanistan 0

The road to BMPT article on Armored Warfare

The Armored Warfare team continues their series of very informative articles on vehicles that will be in the game. The latest is The road to BMPT The idea of creating a heavily armored dedicated anti-infantry vehicle was not exclusive to the Soviet Union but it was the Soviet industry that started working on it intensively as early as in mid-80’s. The experience if Afghanistan and Chechnya taught the Soviets a painful, yet valuable lesson – even...