From the Armored Warfare forums: Developer News #11

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  1. Zerot says:

    I am like you spooky I think probably one of the most exciting things will be the PvE and RPG elements they have talked about and eluded too. The retrofit system has peaked my interest but we really don’t know anything about it. We know it won’t be late model modifications on tanks like taking the Leo 1 to the A5 modification because jinx has said on the forums major changes to vehicles where they need to change tiers would be handled by adding a new vehicle to the tree. We can also see an example of this by looking at current tree with the M1 being at tier 7 and M1A1 at tier 8 along with the M60 variants at tier 3 and 5. I have a feeling that what you suggested what the retrofit system will look like won’t be far off which would be fine by me.

    • Spooky says:

      I do suspect they will be announcing the retrofit system very soon…hopefully it makes it into the next test stage too but that is just a wish.

      • Zerot says:

        That would be great just to know what the system will look like. Would be great just to have fully working MM but need more people in EA for that too work. 😛 I don’t really care being in tier 3 or 4 vs tier 7 unless I am in an MBT. It’s a shame I was hoping I would like MBT’s but they are very underwhelming compared to all the other classes.

  2. Matticus says:

    I don’t think the “can’t chat at all” thing is necessarily related to bad behavior. It happened to me on the first day of EA2 after about three games, and the only thing I’d chatted about was mechanics with Jinxx and reporting that I had a massive FR. drop in one match. No swearing or taunting, just “aah, I have 7 fps right now! This didn’t happen on this map last time!”

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