Armored Warfare code giveaway round 2!!!


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290 Responses

  1. Spooky says:

    Sorry, the codes in this event are done with, but we will do another post if we get a large chunk of codes.

  2. sebannu says:

    still have any codes?

  3. Karaflas says:

    Any codes left please?

  4. george says:

    new tank game fantastic ,whait for code please….

  5. maximus says:

    To the battle tanks comander ,enemy at the gate !!

    • Spooky says:

      Sorry, the giveway is over but I will see if more keys are being handed out. If so I will do another blog post.

  6. Vlad says:

    What is better than WoT?
    EA code if I am not a bot ! :-)

    • Spooky says:

      One of the reasons for the contest…though even then it is hard discerning bots or not from web forms..or maybe you meant a bot in the game. LOL I took it to mean spam bot on web comment. Either way, one of the very last codes incoming to your inbox…

  7. BigBullet says:

    we will migrate our clan from WOT to Armored Warfare.
    any help is welcome
    Wish us Good Luck

  8. Maya says:

    Invaders are coming , to the Main Battle Tanks.

  9. Jabolj says:

    And remember y’all, we can fight here only thanks to Spooky ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Purificator says:

    Drive faster, the Russian invade us.

  11. Name says:

    Commander: For bacon and vodka!
    Crew: Hurrah!

  12. Mark says:

    Commander : cmon radio man you tell me in front of 3 enemy tanks that we are spoted … we die like heroes

  13. bob says:

    The last couple of years I’ve been on an empty tank. And that’s gotta change.

  14. lu says:

    Nothing crushes freedom as substantially as a tank.

  15. Daniel_C says:

    Commander: Don’t let them flank us… I need spot on the right, arty be ready at B6
    Arty: Ready, Aiming at B6 waiting for spoter…

  16. The PotatomMan says:

    Commander, something was spotted , so i need your confirmation code to shoot.

  17. anduq says:

    Reporting in, commander: REDCON1

  18. Titan says:

    Let’s Battle Commander !!!

  19. OldBloodAndGuts says:

    Through fire, through flames, we will not fail! Chaaaaaaarge!

  20. pradatoru says:

    Tankers who wants to join My Clan …?

  21. Bastian says:

    We just ding them, load the HE aim at AmoRack..

  22. Aztec says:

    Commander! let’s make a platoon :)

  23. No Name says:

    Move awey , run awey , on this way ,The commander say !!! That ` s all :)

  24. AceTeaFoot says:

    The commander said “focus fire” !!!

  25. pigo says:

    As a big internet warrior i love tanks and my dream is to play this gamemake my dream come true

  26. merlinut says:

    commander:: it’s time for clan wars guys so lets stay chill and focus fire

  27. Steve_O says:

    Commander: We are Irish, We never Give Up, We fight Better When We are Drunk…
    Gunner: To the Bottles….ups, “To the Guns”

  28. caram3l80 says:

    “Gunner aim faster … Mother Russia awaits us

  29. Armmin says:

    The best game with tanks

  30. danyroes says:

    Commander: iโ€™m hungryโ€ฆ
    Driver: NO โ€“ i told you this tank does NOT fit into a MCDrive!
    Commander: butโ€ฆ.
    Gunner: loading HE

  31. Dany says:

    Delivering freedom…1 shell at a time…

  32. tdradrian says:

    If the tanks succeed, then victory follows.
    Heinz Guderian

  33. Thong says:

    Commander: You want answers?
    Me: I think i’m entitled to them.
    Commander: You want ANSWERS!?

  34. Miscent says:

    Commander: “We are alone against 5 tanks, tactics?”
    Gunner: “Just hit m like BOOM turretshot!”
    Commander: “That one bounced… More suggestions?
    ‘Tanks starts moving’
    Commander: “Driver what are you doing?!”
    Driver: “LEEROY JENKINS!”

  35. ArK says:

    commander : do not shoot at the gun, shoot at the crew !!!!!!!!
    I love this game , cuz modern tanks and great graphics !!!

  36. Victor says:

    Blastoise the powerful japan tank

  37. Haiduc says:

    Commander : DO NOT DESPAIR ! ! !
    WE MAY DIE !
    Loader : BUT
    Gunner : WE DIE FIGHTING ! ! !

  38. LoLo says:

    Is time for M60 is time for ROCK ! ! ! \m/
    1st game with Modern Tanks , good job guys +1

  39. Marac says:

    Lets crush some tanks boys.

  40. Warlupus says:

    -Commader: Men tanks come in two forms: the dangerous, deadly kind and our kind the ‘liberating’ tank.

  41. LoLo says:

    Good Game !
    1st game with Modern Tanks , THX GOD!

  42. Xanotter says:

    Commander: ”They see me rollin,they hatin”

  43. Roland says:

    Give them nothing,but take them everything. Charge !!!

  44. David says:

    Commander:Let s kill this Americans!We have stronk armor and tactiks!For mother Russia!

  45. skippy72 says:

    Hi Spooky.
    Is there by any chance a possibility to get a few codes to a few members in my WoT clan. I try to get more members over to this game:-)

    Comander: There is NO AFK…… only ARMORED WARFARE!!!!! ATTACK!!!!

  46. Andreas says:

    crew:commander i need your permission to fire
    commander: on 3…2…1… FIREEEEEEEE………reload and be ready…..
    I am ready but i need a code……..

  47. ardie says:

    Mr. AceMata ready send me there I need a dose of war

  48. Escapist says:

    I’m soooooooooooo late :p

  49. R4p says:

    -Commander: Let’ s drop some lead on those sissies, brothers!
    -Rest of the Crew: Yes Man!

  50. AdayDr1en says:

    War never changes..

    Oh, wait. It has.


  51. Ivan says:

    Commander:Boys!!!!!there is plant of time to get out,we need to get rifles,there sholud be some card on it!!!?
    Give it to me noww:)

  52. Cromen says:

    Commander:”Listen boy,i need you to get that code”

  53. SiroxJohnno says:

    Commander: At my signal, unleash hell!

  54. TataBufnita says:

    It comes a day , when the honor , loyalty , skills and morality meets togather at the table of war . today is that day , and we are ready to show them what we are made of .

  55. OverlordPE says:

    commander: drink up boys,time for blowing up things

  56. Herzogl says:

    hey …. you shot at my house … oops sorry I thought it was the house of my wife’s mother

  57. Flavio01997 says:

    Start up the engine… and ROLL OUT!!!

  58. TigerTankIT says:

    “Play Wot”, they said, “It will be funny” they said…no, it isn’t
    I waqnt to play AW and roar like a Tiger(That is my favourite tank and animal)on the battlefield ๐Ÿ˜‰

  59. Sword says:

    Men! Question is : to be , or not to be . So to be , and good luck to all !

  60. 21kruki21 says:

    my comander would shout: “lets crush the enemy” so loud that entire team would be hyped and play like never before :D.. it would result with awesome wictory ofc ๐Ÿ˜›

  61. Alex says:

    Commander:Alright men, tank or not, we will see this mission through! Alright ? YE? NO? K, I know where the hatch is.

  62. luciano says:

    im the commander,im the terminetor . go and destroy all enemy

  63. Bidix says:

    Ahoy captain. Let’s knock out some tanks and achivement the medal of honour !

  64. Domenico says:

    “We do what we were born, that for which we have been trained … No prisoner … No mercy.”

  65. Mirda says:

    Crew , remember what we are training for . Let’s roll out and win.

  66. Bible says:

    My commander(Wardaddy) would say to me: Best job i ever had

  67. Catalin Q says:

    Ay Ay! Never lose your hope, get set and fight for your dreams, bloody iron man!

  68. Pejo123 says:

    Come our Comrades.. lets show our “Muricans” friends what is a real tank!
    Stronk Stalin tank!

  69. OxHR says:

    Commander: Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!!!

    I know, I know it is old one. For the Em… ๐Ÿ˜›

  70. moomy says:

    hmm, his highness the Mighty Jingles demands you sent me a code!

  71. Dragony says:

    “Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword” I practice longsword duelling (historical European martial arts) in real life, and I totally want to sit in the commanders hatch of an tank an strike my sword at any who come too close.

  72. Zee says:

    Are there still codes left?
    Commander: I love the smell of APFSDS rounds in the morning.

  73. PhtosynthesisO2 says:

    Get to the computaaaaaaaa… and send those codes !!!!

  74. DarkITA says:

    I believe and hope that AW to forget Wot, fingers crossed.

  75. ADenison says:

    Commander: WWII was yesterday! Let’s ride into the future and kill some tanks!

  76. UncleSanta says:

    Commander:Remember lad’s,this is bandit country,it’s us…or them.
    After enemy killed:Easy-peasy-lemon-squeazy!

  77. CptLF says:

    Armored Warfare? More like: Get hyped to blow up stuff!

  78. Ted says:

    Commander: Anyone spare headphones? ’cause we’re not gonna shoot anything before I get one.

  79. Alex Mano says:

    Hit ’em high, hit ’em low, hit’em ’till they say no mo’.

  80. Cr4z1D0G says:

    I had a Dream that one day i will have Armored Warfare Key and that i will drive various vehicles in that game
    Just as many other be four me had the same dream
    Only one person can make that dream come true
    and that is

  81. kaa says:

    Crew, let’s bend some STEEL!

  82. Corwin says:


  83. Kjel says:

    Commander: i’m hungry…
    Driver: NO – i told you this tank does NOT fit into a MCDrive!
    Commander: but….
    Gunner: loading HE

  84. Magalhaes says:

    I am probably late, but this is fun.
    comander: we shot more 1.
    crew: HURRA…

  85. Matman says:

    thank you very very mutch, if I can be the Batman, you are Superman of Course ๐Ÿ˜€

  86. thestill98 says:

    Commander: Letโ€™s roll out again! This time we wonโ€™t let them through!

  87. pibacful says:

    Lets do this lads,my wife let me out just for one battle and not minute longer

  88. Nifel says:

    smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast!

  89. Kama says:

    The tankmans are not afraid of death.

  90. Warkiller says:

    i will fight everywhere commander…follow you …for honor and bravour …until the dead !

  91. Alexandru76 says:

    Soldier: -Commander,We lost the battle!
    Commander: – Why you wait ? Go looking for it.

  92. alex says:

    Commander: Letโ€™s roll out again! This time we wonโ€™t let them through!

  93. Toxic1998 says:

    Commander: I came here to chew bubblegum and kill tank, and im all out of gum!

  94. R4mpy says:

    Commander: Lets get this over with, I have my 5 o’clock tea to drink.

  95. GunSmith says:

    -Comrades, I looked out of the periscope and saw that the enemy of Glorious Motherland is not defeated. I see that we have not waged this battle according to the doctrine of Glorious Mother Russia. Let me remind you comrades.
    Step 1 : Drink VODKA.
    Step 2 : Apply Tank.
    Step 3 : If not successful, apply more tank.

  96. Johny says:

    -Men! Are you ready for battle?
    -Sir! Yes sir!
    -Ok. Let’s go to battle then.
    -But…but sir. We don’t have any access code, sir.
    -Don’t worry men! Spooky will send us one shortly!

  97. KavlomenosTroxonomos says:

    Is the giveaway over?

  98. SEB_2810 says:

    Commander: Let’s roll out again! This time we won’t let them through!

  99. Matman says:


    In the start of the battle my Commander would just says
    “Hey Robin, this news Batmobiles is so cool, but I believe isn’t a car…..IT’S A TANK!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I never drive a tank, but is not a problem, because…..I’m BATMAN!!!” and during the rest of the battle, he will try to follow and help his friend Hayaweh :)

  100. ATILA says:

    we will not stop fighting until we finish with all. We’re just heroes

  101. Matthew Hon says:

    Commander:What type of fuel will we use?Vodka or Beer?

  102. Alonsez says:

    For you, I will give free beer to anyone who gets more kills than me. Anyone who gets more dog tags than me I will give him 1 litre of beer each week for a whole year babies.

  103. BilloTheRetardo says:

    We ride together , we die together….says the commander to his TOG II crew!

  104. rastafari says:

    Goddamn it men! You’ll never get a Purple Heart hiding behind a bush or rock. Bansai!

  105. Wantu says:

    “Ramirez, use some of this ordnance to take out the enemy vehicles! Move!”
    Works best when every crewmember is named Ramirez.

    If you don’t get the pun: /watch?v=PkuLj5uCgSk , hope this doesn’t irritate the filters :E

    This one would be for one of my friends, sadly none of them has EA :S

  106. STEK says:

    commander:This enemy team dont stand the a chance,lock and load!

  107. Jake says:

    “Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword never encountered tanks!”

  108. Antonis says:

    “Men must die” they said! So, guys…I tell you…we don’t have to be that men. Let’s make our enemies be that men instead!!

  109. mikesum77 says:

    Commander: Let’s show them the real BEAST! Roll out for glory!

  110. Bothegreat says:

    Commander: Crew what’s your profession?
    Crew: Pew Pew Pew..
    Commander: That’s the spirit boys!

  111. Foster says:

    stop drink beer and go fight !!

  112. Blender434 says:

    Load Anti Panzer ! Time to kick some asses. Era of World of Tanks falls.

    21 century of tanks is coming !
    Get ready to Rumble!

  113. Esdeath says:

    War begins when you want , but do not stop when you ask .

  114. Hey Spooky , u told me to try here for a code.Can i get one please ? :)

  115. geroy1991 says:

    Commander when I was young I had a dream to drive a tank, now here is the opportunity, please dont let me down.

  116. marauder says:

    Commander I will be in your debt forever.

  117. fackyeah says:

    Commander, show me the way to the battlefield!

  118. Edvinas says:

    Commander: Soldiers….. LET’S DO THISSSSS

  119. KavlomenosTroxonomos says:

    Let’s get the show on the road…hope I win :)

  120. wtdtd says:

    Commander: Right boys, let’s deliver the good news, one shell at a time!

  121. Sourab says:

    Me : Ah ! AW it seems the arty here is not as dangerous as Wot.
    *arty indicator appears*
    Me : what is tha-
    BOOM !

  122. ormanley says:

    Commander: Let’s bust some steel and rustle some jimmies! There’s a battle to win and Old Betty here has still some fight left in her! *pats the M60s Commanders Cupola*

  123. bashotokoro says:

    Commander : Don’t you dare go AFK on me

  124. Detonic says:

    Commander: I came here to chew bubblegum and kill tank, and im all out of gum!

  125. Carew says:

    Armored warfare is comming !

  126. fjpuche says:

    for your mother, for your family, we will win this war, BY OUR TIERRAAAAAA ……..

  127. Hayaweh says:

    Yay! Codes! I didn’t get one! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Nah, for real :’) I’m a CB user B) xD)

    Waht might my commander say? Something amongst those lines:
    Commander: “Hey guys? How many times did we get to do this battle already?”
    Crew: “I have no idea sir! You were on an inferior tanks before us! WE ARE SO STRONG, LET’S SHOW DA WORLD!”

    *30 secs later*

    Commander: “Naahhh ! What are you doing? Do not drive in front of them ! Gunner ! Aim for the target ! We don’t care about the rocks and taupes !!! Arg”
    Crew: “We’re doing our best sir ! But this is our first time too !” *shy look*

    *a few seconds afterward*

    “EcorchedUnicum has been destroyed by Spooky”.
    Meany Spooky! ๐Ÿ˜›

  128. shill05 says:

    Trying to see if I can get a code for my bro so maybe I can get him interested in the game. Great blog by the way.

  129. Hi fellas !

    Show me that you are a real american ! We must fight communism !

    ‘Murica !

  130. MrGoregasm says:

    Can you please give me a code. I really like to try this game before open beta starts. Thank you.

  131. Julian says:

    Oh sorry, i forgot, my YouTube name is : DeadDogg21. Thank you

  132. Lucjusz22 says:

    Please send me invite code, This game look so amazing , that i need to try it.

  133. evan says:

    commander:lets set them fockers straight

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