Object 155 fiasco in Armored Warfare

Object 155 Unicorn

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  1. Syllas says:

    When something like this becomes such a big issue then you know the community is BAD. Like really really bad.
    A whole bunch of self entitled,selfish,angry,immature people with a desire to feel “exclusive” and “special”. This is very sad and shows the state of the community. And it will only get worse.

    Personally i couldn’t care less if they gave everyone all those “exclusive” vehicles just for making an account.
    I don’t even think it was such a bad move by My.com considering the popularity of the game at the moment and the active playerbase. I think they HAD to do it.

    • SpikeSpiegel says:

      When I looked at the T155, I was unimpressed with it’s eventual arrival in my garage. Meh! My take so far is; “Tier 8, it’s great”. Everything up to here is just grinding. However, wipe happens, grinding on the horizon. I will undoubtedly make a few credits in it and will form a real opinion at that time. I participated in EA since March and in Stress test. When I saw it was reward for stress test, I checked back to verify it was reward for EA. It was, is. So What. This will be an exclusive vehicle for those 2 groups of players who will, I hope, be a tiny contingent in the larger player base. Time heals all wounds (not really) and this is a tempest in a teapot when seen from a distance of a few months. Congrats to all who received it. You will not see any more given away, I am quite sure. Obsidian is preparing a new reward vehicle right now I suspect.

      • Spooky says:

        Like the T-62 Veteran I’ve been driving on the RU server? 😉 I have no idea what My.com has planned for it, but it is rumored to be some kind of future reward vehicle.

  2. AppyRose says:

    I have been in since Alpha testing, I don’t need anything special and exclusive. Its nice to get, but I don’t expect anything. I think its special to be part of the start up of this wonderful game. One of my biggest problems with Wargamming is the exclusive tanks, I have no chance to get. I am a good, not great player, the Clan war rewards tanks, yeah no chance, as few as they give out to the special snowflakes that think they are somehow entitled, and only they should be. that’s bad business, what about the rest of the customer base? I love Tanks, have served with Tanks, I wanted to collect them all in WOT. Yes rewards fine, do like the founders packs. Special tank, exclusive 1 year, maybe with a special camo for it. After a year its fair game for the rest to buy or earn, now that’s fair. When I was in the USMC, the M60A3 was our MBT, but I can’t have one in WOT, cause some exclusive twit might shed tears, not fair. This game and the companies involved in it, are not Wargamming, and have showed us that in many ways. please grow up and get the knots out of your underwear.
    I am glad they are passing the T155 to the stress testers as well, we need numbers and the stress test makes it a better game, which is what we should all want more than the right to be a special snowflake.

    Semper Fi

    • BoredSights says:

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s a breath of fresh air reading something reasonable compared to junk on the WG forums. I understand the concept of exclusivity and I also don’t like the idea of “pay-to-win”. But if I have the means to get every tank ever made by WG, I should be able to buy every damn tank available on their server.

  3. Scr4mp says:

    Overall there are 2 kind of people who are mad at the moment.
    One side is mad because they were promised special candy for being closed beta/early acces testers wich they now have to share with others. I can kind of understand that. This stress test isn’t a “closed” test anymore. So they feel kind of betrayed. In my eyes it would have been allright if OE had said, “hey guys we will give the Obj. 155 to Stress Testers too, but you EA guys get a special skin for it”. You know, people want to be a special snowflake from time to time.
    The other side is mad not because the Obj. 155 isn’t exclusively for them anymore but more on the fact that OE changed their mind and broke their word. This should never have happend and that is what OE has to learn now asap. Cause I have seen games die because of that. It is the cancer of every Dev-Community interaction.

  4. The true “stress” for this test!

  5. sgtharv says:

    Wow, the amount of butthurt over this is great. So someone who boughta founders pack to help the game and then saw they needed people for stress test and downloaded it are helping the game and the EA whiners are in the group of “we worked hard, we deserve the tank more” and not “hey thanks for the free [redacted] tank”
    No malice, no lies, get over yourselves

  6. Lorik says:

    They closed the topic ,GG :)

  7. Flip says:

    I did not read the above article or above comments. As an alpha tester, only thing I ever wanted was a good working game, which is not that far away. Pisses me off entitled [people] think they deserve free shit. Not going to go any further as this is a frivolous conversation. And honestly could care less who gets a tier 3 lil tank.

    • Woras says:

      [just removing an external link since I don’t have time to verify it as safe…not that I don’t trust you Woras, just more of a precedent that I generally check links I see]

  8. Private Parts says:

    The stress test currently ongoing is still part of the closed Beta testing as far as Obsidian/My.com is concerned, even though it’s open to anyone that downloads the game and participates. The Object 155 was offered as a gift to anyone that helped during the testing process.

    They’ve not lied to us, they’ve not broken any promises, they’ve not betrayed us nor are they evolving into the second coming of the Evil Empire….as so many seem to think.

    There has been no announcement that they’ve moved to the Open Beta phase and Obsidian/My.com are the ones that will make that determination, not the fanbase….so anything they give, or take for that matter, still comes under the Early Access phase of development up until they do make the OBT announcement.

    I can’t remember when I’ve seen such an insignificant event….the GIVING AWAY OF SOMETHING FREE…has caused such a negative uproar. God, I’d hate to see how some people react when real life tosses them a curveball every now and then.

    • Woras says:

      Probably because a lot of them tested the game way longer than those of stress test and those same testers feel that the new ones dont deserve the gift.
      And that curveball (baseball?) analogy – nope. All people paid to watch the game and pretty much all of where ball flies has the same chance to catch 😀

  9. CLAYM0RE says:

    @Spooky how do u feel about the forum thread on this problem being closed?

    • Spooky says:

      Haven’t had a chance to really read it yet, I’ve been working on a QA I had hoped to have done and posted by now, but it is taking longer than expected.

    • Pat says:

      IMHO they did the right thing, the forum is for finding bug, reporting them, giving suggestion and make the game better ina general way, nothing in this make the game better or worse, so it’s only whinning and bitching and a HUGE waste of time for any one to ponder on this for too long.

  10. BrokenFang says:

    Great job I’m posting the news, and trying to be non biased after reading the latest news on your blog and then going to the forum I can see where you’re trying not to pick a side. I appreciate that because in today’s media reporters often put their own spin on things. So keep up the good work

  11. PanzerFaust360 says:

    Just throw another exclusive tank at EA testers and they will be happy. I am mildly upset about this, not that big a deal for me. However the communitys reaction makes me sad.

    • Spooky says:

      Yeah, although tanks take 2-3 months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to add to the game. So unless they took an existing premium it couldn’t happen right away. And taking an existing premium likely messes up some other plans.

  12. skippy72 says:

    [Edited for mentioning other posters…stick to topics. ~Spooky]

  13. KingTiger375 says:

    So after all this silly writing here – Hi Spooky greetings from Germany , we the german com are reading your blog frequently cause it is the one with the latest news…

    now i have to write:
    -We have had the same discussion in the german section and sometimes when i see what happens here… what some people write in your blog i know why i left the english com-anyways im one of the big writers in the german com with over 1k comments….

    -For all those small ones who haven’t had the chance to go and build up their knowledges i have one big advise: go and read the entire Post from OE….then think of the current Gamestate which is not OB!
    And than judge if it is kidding of OE what they are doing to us!
    I’d say no! Cause we are not in OE yet so we are “EARLY TESTING!” which means they’vnt broken their words! Anyways the gift to us the really early testers is, that we get more live into the servers , which will fill the MM and at the end allows how the Skill-MM will work!

    BTW if they’d be like wot, for me,as one of the alpha-tester would’ve be given an much better tank, how would this discussion end? nowhere where it would help us the Players! And besides the exculsivity, what do you think how much Players will recieve this tank? Let it be around 10,20 or maybe 30k that would be quiet huge! But compared to the amount of players afterwards it would maybe be around 10 percent or less-for a tank around T3 which will never be really used by any of the players!
    BTW due to Skill-MM this tank won’t influent anything -you wont get an OP tank to troll others….really go back to bed or better think twice!

    Besides this, don’t get unfair to OE-they are quiet one of the most Comunity-regarding-dev-studios i know!
    For this i’ve already contacted a CM to achieve the gift Obj155+7days Prem for the whole com-> all of them who have had an account until the end of Stresstest 😉 not regarding their login, cause the gamedata is quiet huge..and not all can participiate due to this 😉

    And to Spooky for your quiet good work for now – don’t let your textes,headlingings and thematics drop to such a lvl…you are no boulevardpress…or are you?

    Greetings KingTiger375 from the german forumsection (Kingtiger375 in the forum)

    • Spooky says:

      I don’t know what a boulevardpress press is, but I think you are saying my headline was inflammatory? If so, I didn’t mean it as such. Fiasco has many meanings in English. Anywhere from complete disaster to just an uproaror. Or, as the first synonym here: http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/fiasco says..a blunder or the much more common interpretation: mess.

      And glad you like the blog!

      • CLAYM0RE says:

        u are doing a great job spooky idc about what others say the word was placed right and i like the way you discussed that problem and not taking one side and discussed every corner

      • jediwomble says:

        I find the general tone of you blog a bit to positive and too uncritical. This article is more along the line of what I prefer- constructive criticism where it is due.

        • Spooky says:

          I hope I have constructive thoughts in a lot of articles. And I’ve had a few that have ruffled some feathers with Armored Warfare staff. I don’t set out to be a fanboy/poster child for Armored Warfare, and I will call them on stuff they do wrong. On the positive tone…that is sort of just me though. My youth may not have been spent in a positive atmosphere, but somehow my outlook on life is more upbeat than a lot of people’s.

  14. Dariuslll says:

    I actually enjoy the fact that even some of my friends that weren’t so lucky as i was to get into EA, now get the “exclusive” obj 155, still i know that some EA players barely played 10 hours and didn’t made any contribution to the game good road, but for those that played hundreds or thousands there should be a “thank you” “exclusive” “gift” 😀
    P.S. A Spooky stated :”Not to mention a year or two from now, after all the players in OBT and after the game’s release….the Object 155 is going to be the rarest of the rare.” so stop being the “snobbishly aloof, selfish, snobbish” and be happy for your enemy’s 😀

  15. Kopocko says:

    I, as a february stress tester (first “public” test ever) am pretty upset that we dont get anything other than these [people] in EAs. Since we were the guys who have found the most important bugs. I am not telling that we should get anything expensive, but we should get something (and only us pre-EA testers) like the founder title.

  16. BlackPaw says:

    Lol… How can it be rare if the rarest? When ppl can spam create accounts and login and rush yolo for 2 minutes and get the tanks then tinsr and repeat. Then sell the id on ebay…. So easy to abuse. I am not game dev but still can think of this. Why cant they?

    • Spooky says:

      Rare because there are going to be X many Object 155s given out. As time goes by, there are going to be magnitudes more than X players join and play Armored Warfare. With every passing day the percentage of players that have the Object 155 in their garage is going to get smaller and smaller.

      As for the spamming of account creation, I don’t think My.com will make it easy to transfer accounts just like other companies in the industry don’t for the reason of preventing the black market. And I don’t think there will be a market 6 months from now for an account that just has the Object 155 in it. It is a nice tank to have and all, and I appreciate having it, but it is still a tier 3. Players generally end up not coveting such low tier vehicles unless they are OP or something. The Object 155 won’t be OP.

      • BlackPaw says:

        look what we have.

        [removed link to Object 155 for sale]

        • Spooky says:

          There were early access “codes” for sale a lot of places too, with the vast majority of them being ripoffs and people losing their money. I wouldn’t be surprised I guess if there were some Object 155 tank account for sale, but I certainly wouldn’t risk my money on one being legitimate.

  17. Woras says:

    You would need to offer [redacted] T5 premium for downloading 20GB to play 2 days.
    Jokes aside – I wonder who made the call – OE or my.com.
    “EA exclusive tonk – you git it!”
    *weeks later*
    “Go play stress test – git EA exclusive tonk!”
    Credibility – none.

    1 week of premium is more than enough for those freeloaders 😀

    • Valkyrie says:

      Its easy to think about how you lost something free but as covered above they saw EA as a time frame before OBT that is all. two years from now it wont matter anyhow.

    • Spooky says:

      Jinxx71/Josh was very clear it was a My.com call…did you read the article?? 😉 😉 😉

      • Woras says:

        This is a difficult situation when one company makes the game and another promotes the game while having no clue how it will affect the game itself 😀

        • Spooky says:

          Oh, I’ve been inside of companies where different internal units and cost centers….um…don’t communicate very well.

          I don’t know this for sure, but I don’t think Obsidian is put out by this. My.com says give this tank to these players, and they do. It won’t impact gameplay, it isn’t as if the Object 155 is OP or something.

    • Eliminateur says:

      Woras, i was gfoing to make the same comment.
      I concur that they did this to make it worthwhile and get flocks of players to join in, the client size is too big for only 2 days(and when game goes OBT there’s a chance we’ll have to wipe and redownload again).
      In fact client is so big most people wont have it downloaded on the 24th and will only be able to play today and what’s left of tomorrow (the 12hr shift really screwed things up, before that i could download it wednesday night, but after that even when it was really late (~2am) where i live download still wasn’t up so i had to start downloading it when i got home from work yesterday, by the time i hit the sack there wasn’t even half of it downloaded

      • Woras says:

        Two things are why there are so little players:
        BIGASS client and game is a mess. Now even more than ever.

      • Spooky says:

        Personally I would delete all pre-OBT clients before downloading the OBT client when it comes out. My past experiences with testing products, not just games, causes me to be extremely careful.

  18. Schwarzenegger says:

    Really community, really? Who gives a **** about a tier 3 vehicle? I think aw.com wanted to put themselves in front of Wargaming in terms of “look-how-generous-we-are-in-comparison-to-Wargaming-who-gift-you-with-tier-1-buckets-at-best-during-anniversaries-or-other-big-events”.
    Please go on nothing to see here…

  19. MarcelOfDeath says:

    So many are upset about that thing. Honestly, I don’t like exclusive crap at all, the tank will stay rare sadly as it is, simply because this seems to be the last opportunity to get it. Why are so many people selfish and go like “Me wantz speshul tenk to show how amazing I am!” Exclusive crap is always such a waste of work

  20. Kenshuro says:

    Let us hope they: My.come, because they are responsible for this “issue” and Oblivion, although they are not involved in this “fiasco”, but they will make offers to customers in the future, learned from this and will be more careful in the future.
    There are other and more ways to entice “new” stress testers than giving out this particular tank: gold, premium time, decals, perhaps even “another” exclusive to stress tester tank, etc. (This is where their marketing department should come in play.)

    I myself am not angry or disillusioned and hope that they will continue to make the game as good as it can be and hopefully get a huge player base so that we will have a blast destroying each other. It is a great game.

    ps. the download takes a long time (3.5 hours with 120 / 12 Mbit/s connection and good pc). I hope that these download speeds will get better, it can make people lose interest.

  21. jediwomble says:

    They need to attract stress testers, but this is totally UNACCEPTABLE.

    It’s about keeping your word. If they can’t be trusted to do so at this crucial time, what hope for the future?

    • Spooky says:

      I don’t think they saw it as going back on their word, otherwise they would not have done it. So it seems like a misunderstanding…or like I said int he article they didn’t look at all the angles before acting. No malice. And no real good way of fixing the issue either.

      • jediwomble says:

        I’m inclined to agree that it’s an oversight rather than deliberate, also that it’s now hard to fix. But I for one am measurably less likely to spend money on this game as a result of this mistake. Trust in the producer is incredibly important in an MMO.

  22. BoredSights says:

    Comparing this mistake with the many mistakes made by WG and Gaijin, this is small in comparison. Will this be something that will turn me, and many others, away from this game? No. Will I forget about this issue? No.

    I do see where many will interpret their money spent on Founders Pack’s similar to many crowdfunding investments. If an item is awarded at an earlier date to a higher level of investor compared to Joe Public, then Joe Public receives the same award announced at a later date which delivers on the same date, this could be interpreted as a loss (emphasis add to “could be”). Will it win a class action law suit? No. hahahaha XD Will it gain bad press? Maybe. Will most of us fans remember? More than likely.

    To me I interpret this as a sign that Early Access and F2P pay-models are on a path to losing credibility with mainstream (not all) consumers. I hope to see this industry return to having employees and/or interns testing games again. There will come a time when customers won’t have the time to test and will demand a finished product. Let’s face it, F2P flourished due to the financial collapse in 2008. A year or two after the financial collapse many MMO’s switched from monthly subscriptions to F2P. When more money is in our pockets and we stop paying for games before they’re finished and stop showing up to early access/test servers, the video game market will be forced to change again.

    • Spooky says:

      The kickstarter bonus is an interesting angle, but kickstarters don’t normally offer contests to get the product (in this case, into early access) for free. And in this case, if somebody bought a founder’s pack but didn’t play a game in EA or the stress test, they don’t get the Object 155 either.At least I thought I read a SS about that. I can see what you mean thought, the feeling is similar.

      F2P will likely be around for awhile, but if some other model does supplant it then f2p may slip back down into the seedy depths some companies have taken it.

      • BoredSights says:

        @SPOOKY I think my assessment above is coming across the wrong way. The sky isn’t falling…yet. Just kidding!! Let me explain… I have been working 15+ years in Risk Management and that lifestyle occasionally mixes into other parts of my life. I tend to spot ANY possible risk. So there’s that. Sorry?

        I agree with you that F2P Beta Access Key pay-models will be here for a while. But there are risks that John and Jane Gamer are lowering their tolerance of progression wipes, murky promises, balancing/rebalancing, and spending time on feedback/suggestion threads all prior to release. How much tolerance and free time do gamers have within the next 5-10 years? Why not turn to a shiny finished product?

        For all intents and purposes I’m here for both the gamer and the developer. This developer needs to remember that most of their audience just got out of an abusive relationship with WG and Gaijin. While the founders and stress testers need to recognize the time and effort spent creating and balancing the Obj. 155.

        • Spooky says:

          Oh no worries, I didn’t take your post as a negative, sorry if I made you think so. And it is a great point Obsidian and My.com need to remember a lot of players are skittish coming from Wargaming. I know Obsidian has done kickstarters before, but I think this is their first major f2p game.

          And risk management eh? I nominate you to come up with Armored Talk’s COOP plan. 😉

  23. Jsemtady says:

    They must give something for downloading 2days only client .. If they have less players then they need ..

  24. Turgay says:

    I habe founders pack but i dont get them

    • Spooky says:

      If you played a single game you would for sure. However, I think it is true. Unless Founder’s Pack buyers play a game, they may not get the Object 155. I could be remembering that wrong, but I thought I read a SS quote about that.

  25. Kaizer says:

    Give all EA players 1k gold to soften the butthurt!

    • CLAYM0RE says:

      or come up with a better tank and give it only to EA players , that simple

      • Robert says:

        I don’t want 1000 gold and if I did I would buy it. I am not some free loader I want the exclusive tank that I was offered as acknowledgement of both the financial and time contribution I made to the development of the game,
        Now that every Johnny come lately [redacted] gets one just for turning up for a battle I feel that our contributions are unappreciated.

  26. Robert says:

    The reason so many EA participants are butthurt is simple. EA players were promised an exclusive vehicle something which would always show that they had taken part in closed beta and were in some way exclusive. Yes elitism and snobbery if you like which is something that is in most of us care to admit it or not.

    Further many EA players have supported the game through thick and thin I myself for example have around 1000 battles on the EU server and more on NA which cost me hard earned cash to buy a founders pack and many many hours playing an inferior game as improvements were made. So yes I resent stress test players who waltz up late and play a couple of games for no money receiving the same reward. Really shows how valuable our contribution was to my.com and how much they value paying customers. How would Serb put it “How terrible”.

    • BoredSights says:

      lol @ the Serb quote. It comes down to how different former Soviet cultures perceive property. Westerner’s value private property while former Soviets are indifferent on the subject (redistributed private property converted to common property).

  27. KamonegiX says:

    Yeah, couldn’t care less as well. Not really THAT great of an reward to begin with (not that I complain, it’s free stuff after all so keep it coming) for the EA testers so I am really not worried that they are giving it to pretty much everybody. *shrugs* Whatever helps with the testing, after the launch problems and extremely long download times for some, they should be happy if they get the numbers for the testing to begin with….

  28. HZero says:

    I was a little upset by the move, until I saw how few people were in the stress test today. They needed to sweeten the pot, and a few days of premium time were not going to cut it.

    Still, I would have reserved those 7 days of premium and extended it as an additional reward to the EA people who returned for stress test. A little something extra for the faithful.

    To me, the only real failure here was lack of communication. A last minute decision that they had to know was going to be unpopular, that they didn’t explain the reasoning for, on top of poor communication about the stress test itself just turned this into a mess.

    • CLAYM0RE says:

      what about EA testers that have low download speed to the extent that they wont be able to download the game in just 2 days ( it takes me 50 hours of download to download the game )

      • HZero says:

        All the more reason to sweeten the pot. The fact that not everyone can help with the test is more of a reason to give a reward for being a part of it, not less.

  29. Private Parts says:

    Can’t see all the uproar myself…it’s a Tier 3 Premium tank that the majority won’t play much at all once they get to Tier 4 anyway. And, it’s not like anything was promised to us….this thing’s more like those “everyone’s a winner” trophies these days people get from just participating.

    The majority paid to be part of the testing process…it’s not like we HAVE to get anything at all, we’re getting what we paid for.

    • CLAYM0RE says:

      well isnt the tank a premium? it may have the extra credits boost and it could be a great money maker but however its not about the tank its about the meaning of their move

      • Private Parts says:

        Yes, it’s a Premium but it’s not like they’re taking it away from the just EA crowd. They’re just letting others have it.

        Myself, I don’t see any sort of “meaning” to their “move”…Obsidian had announced that the Obj155 would be an EA exclusive item, then My.com., who is paying the bills…decided to give it to everyone that participated in the stress test. Why? Increase server traffic? No idea and I don’t care to know….it’s business, decisions change.

        As I said, it’s not like we’re losing anything. Hell, as long as we play one match, we’ll also get an extra 7 days Premium as well. No one’s thanking Obsidian/My.com for this….and we should be.

        • CLAYM0RE says:

          what about EA testers that have low download speed to the extent that they wont be able to download the game in just 2 days ( it takes me 50 hours of download to download the game )

    • Hunterseek says:

      Its about “keep your promise”. Can be just a dime, but keep your f’kin’ promise.
      Its about how trustable you are.
      If they start this way, who will belive them in the future. Do you think it will be something different from WG? lol

      • skippy72 says:

        YES i do belive they will be different. And if u dont think it will be any different form WG why u even bother playing it?
        Who gives a shit about that tank? If u have time to spend that much energi on some shit case like this u really need to get a job or something.
        Take a class or something about business and u will learn that there are no promises in that world.
        This is freaking KIDS screaming for nothing.

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