Quick start guide to Armored Warfare for World of Tank players

Armored Warfare vs World of Tanks

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  1. Armoured_Wellfare says:

    Hi, new AW player here. How will we buy premium time via gold? Is there a way to buy it? Like MOL points, load cards, etc?

    • Spooky says:

      When you are in the garage (while inside of Armored Warfare) in the upper right hand corner you can purchase gold. If I remember correctly the payment methods were credit card or PayPal, but double check me.

  2. IamSparticles says:

    Hey Spooky. This is perfect. Just what I needed to get up to speed on all the differences. o7 DHO!

  3. Post says:

    This is a very nice explanation, thanks alot!

  4. Aleksandar says:

    Whoa 😀 I am not experienced WoT player but it will help me a lot 😀 Untill 8-th I will read this a lot and I will be really ready! Really gj man

  5. Rawkinrex says:

    Hey Spooky,

    Nice write up for WoT to AW migrating players.

    P.S. Kal, a nice addon for Opera is “Download Chrome Extension”, it allows you to install chrome extensions in Opera. A restart of Opera after install is recommended. Then look up Grammerly Chrome extension and run with it. (some Chrome extensions have to be manually enabled in Opera).

  6. T54 Clone says:

    It should be mentioned that ammo types in AW result in more gameplay depth than WoT.

    For example one could argue that HEAT in AW is like a balanced version of WoT premium ammo: it does significantly more damage but travels slower and can be defeated by countermeasures. An extension of this are ATGMs which do relatively more damage at the cost of rate of fire, slow speed, alerting the enemy, while still facing shaped charge countermeasures in addition to APS system countermeasures.

    The same could be said for the very best APDS variants in AW: said rounds are more reliable and very fast traveling, however they can overmatch against thin skinned vehicles AND overmatch some weak points on tanks not protected with HEAT countermeasures, both resulting in reduced damage.

  7. samuelchoi says:

    Nice job spooky.

  8. Bat21zing says:

    Nice write up! I played a few WoT battles today. Just after playing AW. I was shocked how slow the tanks moved. Like they were stuck in quicksand. I think the faster pace is the biggest hurddle for newer players. Real easy to over extend early and go boom.

  9. Vingles says:

    About “Vehicle Reputation always stays with the vehicle and may be spend on future addition to the game for that vehicle.” What does “future addition” actually mean, an example maybe? Also i think I’m gonna make a video about this article and tell my Chinese buddies about it.

  10. Scoaler says:

    Nice job spooky! Your write up is how I’ve been explaining the game to friends who play WoT. Glad to know that someone else has similar opinions of the similarities and differences.

    Also, many thanks for providing a link so I won’t have to go hoarse explaining all that.

    Any plans, or ideas about having a guest writer doing something similar for War Thunder?

    • Spooky says:

      If one appears, sure. I don’t know any die hard WT players to seek one out. 😉

      And thanks, glad you liked it. I will actually update it if anything I forgot pops up so I have something to refer back to as well.

  11. Kal says:

    Btw, nice article Spooky .. should help WoTers very much .. the game itself definitely holds much promise even at this early stage with enough commitment from the developers to assure a bright future. However, where WoT shines thru and where OE / My.com couldn’t even come close to beating WG is in the overall management and the general user experience during the CBT stage. Besides some other reasons for saying this, right from the start to the end of the Stress Test tonight, one single event sticks out as a sore thumb – Server instabilities – I don’t know how much effort the devs and the production team put in, in order to have more stable servers but effort or no effort, the servers just kept failing this way and that and this continued to the Stress Test where the EU server pretty much stayed offline the whole time for most of the players.
    I don’t understand on what basis OE / My.com feel confident of starting the OBT phase, since it seems that in OBT, the support desk will be busy handling players who will be complaining about premium time lost due to server unavailability (assuming that they will be monetizing the game from the OBT onwards). On this count, WG and WoT sure gave much better and uniform experience even during the CBT in 2010 :)

    • Spooky says:

      Thanks, I hope people like it.

      On the server stability I know they are aware of a (or some) bug(s) that were the culprit of some of the issues. I assume they will get those fixed. They are smart enough to not go to OBT with known flakey servers.

      Having said that, and having seen dozens of MMO game launches that had issues for their initial onslaught, there may be issues to start OBT off. Maybe not, but at the very least it will take a small bit of time for MM to settle down while some players race to the upper tiers.

      • Kal says:

        The MM isn’t what pissed me off EVER, Spooky. I always knew good MMs depend on the population playing at a certain time so the, more than a few, extreme matches that me and many others got in during the EA didn’t worry me much – talking of extreme, one particular match comes to my mind – Roughnecks map, Standard Battle, 15 vs 15, my team – Tier 3 to Tier 5 vehicles with my M60A3 the only top tier :P. Enemy team – Tier 3 to Tier 9, with 1 T-90, 1 M1A1, 2 Leo 2, 3 Tier 6s and the rest from Tiers 5, 4 and 3 😀 But all thats ok for me. My issues are different. One I already discussed – the servers. One more I will state only as an example, not as a rant – the grind in AW – as in “THE GRIND” (-.-) I wont go into details since everyone knows about this, but really, for me its not about the length of the grind in AW – once the game goes open and we all play for real, the grind won’t seem a burden for many of us – I just fail to understand why the devs chose to subject the testers to the REAL grind during the testing period? When the CBT progress was wiped in WoT, people were crying then too, but mostly ’cause they weren’t aware of a wipe b4 the OBT. Here in AW, a wipe was well communicated and almost every EA player knew about it yet so many are moaning about the wipe now only because the grind was so long. It was just like we played the whole game once, and now we will be “Prestige”-ing (check Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and later, if u dont know whats that) before the OBT 😀 Only difference being that in AW, Prestige isn’t by our choice 😀 Seriously, ALL that grinding now seems like precious time lost down the drain 😛 And thats another example where the makers of AW failed IMO, they could have chosen to do it differently but they didn’t.

        • Psychological warfare. The “grind” will always be set to an extreme in any testing situation using the free to play model. It is the best way for any game to make money by reducing the “grind” with some type of purchase. If a game has too little of a grind it equals loss revenue. And the devs would rather have its testing player base telling stories to new players about if they think the grind is bad now in OBT, you should of been here for …

  12. Shadowcek says:

    Just to clarify. +1/-1 is classic wot tier spread. Its the picked pivot player eg. T3 and and +1 and -1 from that. Its quite clear from the mm africle published a few months ago on aw website. Od course its also effected by upgrade s and if matchmaker fail to build a battle within this spread, it extends it for next iteration.

    • Woras says:

      +-2 is classic wot tier spread. T5 can fight versus T3 and T7.
      I do remember times when it was +-4 xD

      • Shadowcek says:

        You understand it wrong. Read the article. Its +1/-1 for a battle from a pivot player. T5 will meet T3s and T5s in aw. Its simple. For each battle. Pivot player is selected and the spread goes one tier up from it and oné down. If ur unlucky u still end up as t3 against t5. People just think its like t4 +1 is t5 which -1 is t4, but thats wrong!

  13. CLAYM0RE says:

    how are the platoons guarded against fail platoons? how does that tier restriction work?

    • Woras says:

      2 tier difference max was in EA.
      Considering that they want +1 MM – probably could or would be reduced to 1 tier difference.

      • CLAYM0RE says:

        so for example tier 1 vehicles can only platoon with tier 2 and 3 vehicles?

        and what do u mean by (they want +1 MM)?

        • Woras says:

          +-1 MM*
          And yes.

          • CLAYM0RE says:

            does that mean that i will always get with tanks only 1 tier above me? it would be awesome but are u sure they wanna do that?

            • Woras says:

              Unless you find pleasure from sadomasochism fighting +2 tier tanks, +1 is fair enough already.

            • Spooky says:

              AW’s matchaking goes by the power level of the vehicles, power groups, etc. http://armoredtalk.com/2015/05/14/matchmaking-in-armored-warfare/

              There isn’t a gurantee of +-1 matchmaking, but being 2 tiers down or up in OBT or after won’t happen as often as seeing battles of say, all tier 3 and 4 vehicles. Or I’ve noticed playing on the RU OBT that most of my games were same tier even.

              MM during early access was crazy because of the linted number of testers and they were working on the system. MM for awhile in OBT will be crazy until players start spreading up the tiers. But after that I’d expect to see a lot of same tier or being just a tier off in most games.

            • Kal says:

              Woras is right Claymore, in AW the MM will be tighter than in WoT, no more than +/- 1 tier spread will be allowed in OBT. And yeah, it will still be fair since the vehicles here being post WW2, lethality and power increase even between consecutive tiers is much higher than in WoT. Against two tiers higher the lower powered tank pretty much has no chance at all unlike WoT. Hence the +/- 1 MM is indeed needed.

  14. Woras says:

    Im pretty sure WoT slang will come here and those “renowned”, “proven”, “battalions”, etc, will be disregarded.

    • Kal says:

      Okay .. for once I will agree with you Woras 😉

      (well .. I used to agree with your versions of the Der Untergang that you made with WoT as the background but thats it .. I don’t agree with you now that you stopped making them awesome things)

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