Garbad’s Guide to AW: Consumables, Refits, Equipment, Commanders, and Crew

Armored Warfare upgrades guide

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  1. SphinX_AU says:

    I think this entire article needs to be taken down, and either rewritten or at least patched up due to all the misinformation in here.

    • Spooky says:

      A volunteer!!! Go for it!! 😉

      Seriously, this article is a few months and a patch or two behind. Some skills have been renamed but a large part of the article was Garbad’s take on how to min/max a tank. The information in context still provides insight on which way to take your own vehicles if your play style and thoughts match up to Garbads.

  2. sunsets says:

    Does anyone know what the point of Rashid, the missile commander is? I tried Freja and Juan Carlos on my Swingfire and they give the bonus to missile reload time as well (via their “10% faster reload” bonus), so why is there a need for a specific missile reload bonus?

  3. Limekiller says:

    Ioannis actually would seem to make a good Arty commander. Bonus to module damage and crew damage, and then the topper, 10% better accuracy. Really, it’s enhancing all the things you want arty to do: hit what you’re aiming at, and break everything on it when you do. The fire-related stuff is obviously highly situational and random, but it’s a big boost when it happens.

  4. Leedar says:

    According to the developers, Sure Start doesn’t do what you think it does. ‘Maximum accuracy’ actually means the smallest the aiming circle can get. Sharpshooter should be used because it improves ‘minimum accuracy’, the largest possible aiming circle. (Yes, the names are confusing, further confused by the use of ‘reduces’ in the description.)

  5. BlindSide says:

    The turret speed increase upgrade looks good, if you are forced to use a mobility upgrade. At least on an MBT.

  6. Steve-o says:

    I got the Leopard 1 with the Chrome Barrel Lining Mk.1.
    I got the Gvosdika with Juan Carlos.

    It looks like the entire Leopard Variant MBT is needed for the full Chrome Barrel Lining and Air Induction Precleaner.

    I’m guessing the entire BMP line is needed for the full optics and crew/HP mods?

    By “Light Tanks” for HP mod, I assume you mean the “Fire Support Vehicles” line?

    You mention that the TC unlocked from the Sheridan is beneficial. Where would the “High Caliber, Light Armor” line be on your list of priorities?

    I am dreading doing the BMP line because, as I remember from Early Access, the BMP vehicles have zero gun depression.

  7. Eliminateur says:

    hmmm i got the m109 but no freja….

  8. AX3D says:

    This was really helpful. Thanks!

  9. Laszlo Becz says:

    Great guide. Thanks to share it.

  10. tacomaco says:

    About the commander Maxmillian Koenig. The level 2 skill Leadership gives 10% crew abilities. It’s as good as 10% reload or 10% aim. On top of that he has that 10% XP bonus that helps with the grind. I think this one is the “Default” commander to use if you have him except Sabrina Washington that has better “stealth” skills for AFV.

    • darkdog13 says:

      The 10% is a boost based on crew % aka even if you have a level 5 loader your on gonna see a 0.50% boost because it gives you 10% of his total 5% for gunner it will be a 1% boost to aimtime/acc.

  11. Dariuslll says:

    The best guide I’ve seen until now, thank you for bringing this up.

  12. AlteredCarbon says:

    Thanks for putting this together, Garbad, and thanks for putting it up for us to read, Spooky.
    Good reading, and nice to see you writing about AW, always found your WoT guides to be interesting and informative.

  13. Kopocko says:

    Thanks for the comander tip… gotta get that reload time comander

  14. CLAYM0RE says:

    iwill wait on that ammo article and please can u also make one about base and base materials? bec the old one u made is outdated

    • Fewer says:

      For my next article I might do a bit talking about AW game mechanics, and how they differ from WOT. The problem is to some degree I am going on my gut feel, not data. Its very hard to find actual data and formulas in AW.

  15. Track_Tension says:

    I’m just glad someone was willing to share all the number crunching.

  16. noneskii says:

    One thing – sharpshooter does not increase the aim time. I tested for this in EA5.
    Same as sure start doesnt reduce aim time.
    There were also some dev posts stating the same, maybe i’ll find them one day.

  17. Slivovitz says:

    What about Anthony Diaz? Is he still locked or even more useless than VK and PH?

    • noneskii says:

      Utterly useless. The skills are so situational it doesnt even make sense. And they arent that good when they activate.
      It’s like they designed him in a way that nobody would even touch it on purpose.
      Anyway, I’m stilp hoping for that commander revamp. Right now the whole system is meh.

      • Woras says:

        Situational skills…Unless you KNOW that such situation happens 70% of battles – it just adds unneeded RNG.

        • noneskii says:

          Well the crew member revival skill is nice, but that only works once per match. And I’m using large med kits anyway and so far I’ve never experienced getting a crew member killed twice per one match.
          His other 2 situational skills require a crew member of your tank to be killed. How often that happens? Most battles (in my experience) – not even once. Ok, even if the skills trigger once per match, they aren’t worth the trade-offs.
          So you kind of end up with one-trick pony, that doesn’t even get to show his tricks a lot of times. So yeah, pretty useless IMHO.

  18. Woras says:

    On mobility refit slot Wiesel acceleration is best one. Gives quite the noticeable speed.

  1. November 24, 2015

    […] In my past crew skills guide, I recommended that players unlock arty to get access to the superb modules like the magnetic actuator (damage + aim time). I further observed that players should do it as quickly as possible, on the risk that AW may fill in the lines and make it take much longer if players wait. Many players, including me, following this reasoning to power grind our arty despite not enjoying arty. This in turn caused trouble in the MM queue, plus just the general feeling of making an unpleasant grind because we had to get max gear. […]

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