More upcoming vehicles and confirmed tweaks in Armored Warfare


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  1. Cole Wall, Ssgt, 75th Reg, 2nd bn says:

    My platoon buddy just asked me so im asking you is there a chance that MLRS or HIMARS will make its way into the game? I hope so. the game already has all the game dynamics needed. Truly an excellent support platform and i think it would make a great addition to the arty tree.

  2. Cole Wall, Ssgt, 75th Reg, 2nd bn says:

    So my gun buddy and i switched from WoT to AW and are generally happy with the game. we had been talking for awhile that somebody should make a modern tank arena so thank you so much. Our one wish though, and weve gotten alot of flak for it is that in our opinion arty is very underpowered and the selection small. is there any future outlook for a larger spg selection and/or buff? also personally curious to see if the newer ap canister shot for the M1A2/M1A3 will be available?

  3. Antoine says:

    Just so you know, Amx-56 is not a valid name for the Leclerc, and never was, wikipedia made a mistake calling it that. It’s simply Leclerc MBT.

  4. Priest says:

    Has the T-10M been confirmed?

  5. John H. Frost says:

    When come out type 10 MBT?

  6. BlackPaw says:

    AMX-10P is definitely in the game…….

  7. tacomaco says:

    HE always does “max non-pen” damage to T-72 and other tanks with similar armor layout(T-62,T-64 even M1A1). T-72 always takes +300 dmg from BMP-3 HE shots but M60A3 never takes more than 80-90 dmg

  8. magne says:

    i like japanese MBTs.
    Im glad to listen to news that you are interested in Type10 MBT!
    So im looking forward to see Type 10 MBT in AW ! XD

  9. DammaRamma says:

    First of all….many thanx for the effort you put in just to keep us uptodate on AW.
    Missing some videocontent but that’s , I guess, because AW still can deal with replay’s witch is a shame imho.
    Again we read to news here first, keep on the good work.

    With kindly regards, DR

  10. Shlomo says:

    We need the german Puma and Marder afv!

  11. Jimmy Page says:

    a little error… T15 armata?

  12. Nit says:

    Is there are any mention on Western 140mm Variants? or they scrapped 140mm and adjusting caliber of 120~125mm?

  13. Autoxidation says:

    Salaris said this about the XM1 a few days ago:

  14. AppyRose says:

    For the questions thread, I submitted a list including M50 ontos, TAM, and M247 SGT York, they are not on this list, so of my others are. Are these ones you will be still asking about?

  15. Zoucouy says:

    If the Tamoyo doesn’t have the 105 upgrade I’m gonna be pissed.

  16. Handies says:

    Hey! I see you used my list of tanks wanting confirmations. 😛

    • Spooky says:

      Thanks for asking about them!!! :) I generally don’t post the asker’s forum name since they are not staff and I don’t know if they want to be named or not, but thanks for coming forward.

      BTW, since you had good luck getting a response, go ask some more questions. 😉

  17. Woras says:

    Still need as much as possible WoT T7-10 tanks so new players can connect to this game more easily.
    Or for me to try tanks I havent grinded 😀

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