Armored Warfare: Project Armata Halloween special

halloween pumpkin on a tank

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10 Responses

  1. BeastOfSchechin says:

    Great Special!

    Just to add – PvE wins will count, SS confirmed this in a discussion thread on forums. So practically anyone will get that provided they will have 20-30 minutes available to play.

    WG – learn how to do proper specials. Nothing overpowered, nothing time-intensive yet funny and engaging.

  2. Garry_Gamed says:

    In your news is written: “Only PvP counts” but as stated by SS PvE and PvP count for the event.

    see here!&p=553593&viewfull=1#post553593

    • Garry_Gamed says:

      yeah and I cant read, your news is about the russian server 😀

      • Spooky says:

        LOL, skip to the next one, it is about NA and EU. 😉 Sorry for the confusion. I try to make it clear which server is which, or wait to see if NA/EU post is up too so I can do a combo. But it was looking like the RU one was going to be up a full day first so I thought I’d better bring it. Of course, an hour or so later the NA/EU one comes online. 😉

    • Spooky says:

      The news about the RU special is from the RU site, and it could be different. At some point in time I fully expect MailRu and to have differences in what they do in the different markets. This could be one of them, or the news could have been a mistake, or the Russian to English translation may have been off. I put a note clarifying this though above, so thanks!!! And yes, SS has said both count, so that is what I am expecting for NA and EU.

  3. Ian says:

    Cant wait for specials to form a larger/consistent part of the game, and the advent of camo patterns.

    Also, love the g-g-g-ghost shell, and the underlying reference.

  4. Zerrox says:

    Great, except that I’ll be out of town and cannot play :( I hope that these events would last until Monday night so that everyone could get their share.

    • Spooky says:

      Be sure to post in the suggestions over on the forums or I think it is Ivan at or their new gamemaster that looks at specials. I too think they should alternatively include Fridays and Mondays every other time…not everyone has a weekend as a weekend off.

  5. Track_Tension says:

    I was more SCARED that we would never see a double exp weekend event! Any word if PvE will have zombie bots?

  6. yoh1len says:

    do you see this WG? that’s how events should look like… your 3x for the first vicotry and cheaper gold/convert can dig its own grave 😀

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