Tips for Armored Warfare’s economy – or how to save some credits and reputation

armored warfare's tier economy

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  1. SturmJager says:

    Hi There Spooky,

    Dunno if you agree but I have found playing AFVs in easy, can get you a lot of credits in a short amount of time. The missions don’t last as long as the Medium missions (Im not high up enough yet to see hard missions as I am grinding everything rather than one line). I found that you are fast enough to ninja most of the damage and can also ninja alot of the kills. You also don’t die a lot or require to use repair kits and what not. Let me know your thoughts.

  2. Slaaneshi Cultist says:

    Selling ammo doesn’t seem to be working for me now. The “sell” button is grayed out even though I have ammo for it and it’s for the gun I have equipped.

  3. Fewer says:

    To the contrary, the best solution is to sell all your unused tanks. Why? Because that frees up credits now which reduces the amount you need to grind. Consider a tier 8 tank — you can essentially get 0.5% boost to credit gain or 4,080,000 credits from selling it. In order to get back the cost of not selling, you would need to grind 816 million credits. That’s simply not worth it — sell the tank and ignore the bonus.

    • Spooky says:

      There is more to the overall picture than just looking at one transaction and comparing the rate. Besides, the bonus applies to reputation which is harder to come by for some players, and is cumulative for every game going forward. Having more vehicles to play for your daily doubles or future events must also be taken into consideration. Owning vehicles also unlocks the rewards that pay out credits. There may be other rewards coming up too. Selling may be viable for some players who are only interested in a few tanks or need the cash now, but for a lot of players keeping the tanks is a better deal over the long run. Tank collector who plays all tiers vs a player that only wants top tier tanks is a good sliding scale. If somebody is in the former, keep your tanks. If they are in the latter, maybe selling would be better.

  4. Crusader_1 says:

    Regarding the base, I don’t see some of the features on my base that you listed, such as Harbor. Does that mean I have a bug/error to report?
    Thank you for your time,

  5. The_Valiant says:

    You may have a typo here…
    “In any game there are often different ways to maximize your resources. Armored Warfare is no different. In fact, it probably has so many nooks and carnies ”

    Nick-picking aside, wonderful article mate. Thank you for taking the time to write these articles.


    • Spooky says:

      Interesting. When I first wrote that sentence that error was there, but I fixed it once. Now it is back. I wonder if I allowed the crazy spell check program I have to “correct” it again when I ran it one final time before posting. That or Armored Talk is haunted! 😉 Got it changed, and thanks for the heads up. And thanks!

  6. DammaRamma says:

    Hello….good tips but I have a question
    Are the premium tanks also counted for the tank-collector bonuses?

    With regards…DR

  7. Centurin says:

    I would also add that in general, use your Premium tanks in PVP. The credit gain is anywhere between 3x and 10x more. I’ve had over 300k credit wins with tier 6 premiums in pvp.

    • Spooky says:

      That makes sense since PvP seems to give more credits if you have a premium account and drive a premium vehicle. Maybe I should put the economy tidbits quote on this post too.

  8. SphinX_AU says:

    I think there may have been a typo at the end.

    “Don’t use your orange field kit in PvE sparingly, they don’t grow on trees you know” should read “Use your orange field kit in PvE sparingly, they don’t grow on trees you know”

  9. Mister5597 says:

    Is the PVE economy bug you are talking about, the one where if you leave the mission before it ends you don’t get any objective or mission reward? If you are leaving the mission before it ends even if you died early on, DO NOT LEAVE, specially if it is the first win of the day.
    By the way, but I think that on defense missions they can still reward you a lot even in a defeat. I’m not really sure about this because I mainly play on medium(less screw ups with the random players), but once in rolling thunder(seems to give more than other missions) we lost at the end and still gave me a lot of unexpected reward, I’d say as good as a win in a base capture.

  10. Razzopper says:

    Thanks for this! Didn’t know there was a way to sell old ammo and old upgrades. Also wasn’t aware of the bonus for owning vehicles. I saw the medal for ownership but hadn’t paid close attention and assumed it meant how many were researched and not how many were actually in the garage.

    One of the trends I dislike in modern games is the lack of documentation. I can be a little OCD about details and remember pouring over the doc books that came with older games and explained all the little things like this. Sadly, now we have to run across informative blogs like this to learn things, or worse, be forced to purchase secondary game guides if we want to understand every mechanic.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. tim23 says:

    what does “rank XP” under recon post and “passive bonus” mean?

  12. whhd says:

    whats the difference between command center and helipad? it sounds very similar

    • Spooky says:

      That is a good question. The text behind these buildings was from official sources so I used them. In-game though the helipad gives you a credit boost while the command center gives you a global rep boost.

  13. Bareideru says:

    Just a reminder though – if a vehicle has a gun upgrade, and you decide to go for it (and I don’t see a reason why you won’t), then sell ALL of your ammo before you install the new gun. Even though it may appear to use the same shells, they’re actually considered to be different. And you can’t sell obsolete shells for a gun that you don’t currently have installed.

  14. Dexter5021 says:

    Thanx, I did not know that i can sell my old ammos! 87K credit back! :)

  15. Bager says:

    I hope they will add something similar to ‘depot’ from WoT, that would make selling unused ammo and equipment much easier without the need to check every single tank… : )

  16. razing32 says:

    Hey spooky .

    Do you know if the Base 2.0 will allow us to drive tanks around the base and/or test premiums before we buy them ? Or is that coming in a later update ?

    • Spooky says:

      I don’t know the answer to that. I know some of the Obsidian developers really like that idea, but I’d guess it would be later. They could surprise me of course though.

  17. random_tanker says:

    Most tanks sitting in your garage earn you reputation whenever you fight a battle

    are you sure about that? never read about that anywhere so far
    also where is that displayed in the battle details?

    • Spooky says:

      I thought it used to be displayed in the battle results but I haven’t checked recently. I did scan the forums real quick before I posted this and saw a thread where this was confirmed though. So yeah. :)

      • Garzenesh says:

        You’re referring to the small percentage of rep that goes towards the global, or “free” rep pool, right? Or is this something totally different?

  18. Ludrik says:

    Thank you as always for many good tips! Think I’ll share this with my friends.

  19. Robbie says:

    My reputation is beyond saving!

  1. November 30, 2015

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