Tier 9 vehicle specs and upgrade screenshots from Armored Warfare 0.11 update

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  1. tacomaco says:

    B1 Draco at tier 9, with just a 76mm cannon and 267mm pen when upgraded? I’m not how serious is Obsidian about this adding this tank at tier 9. With this firepower it a tier 6 at most.

    With this amount of penetration it can’t even hit the side armor of most MBTs or the front armor of light tank

    • Spooky says:

      Oh I don’t know, I’ve only played it a handful of times but have had several of those be over 4k-5k damage games. Fire support by getting behind MBTs that are engaged and they are in a lot of trouble.

  2. kombajn says:

    Did they fix reload time? It should be question/topic number one because as for now commander skills and retrofits are broken in terms of reload.

  3. Elranoaz says:

    Oh well What ? , M8 doesn’t have armor upgrade pack that XM8 do have , OMG now it got gun and good gun elevator , but it more squishy than Prototype . -*- i was thinking to get M8 after CR2 but this is Heart breaking T-90MS look OP but Weakspot is huge than T-90 (PTS LFP is easily penetrateable honesty all LFP is unlike T-90 ) .

    Give me Caesar , OPlot-M , M102 Striker .

  4. Procyon says:

    M8 reload time and Alpha are low. So how could we been able to rush and flank MBTs. Our DPM is the same as MBTs and less then T90MS. Useless again.

  5. Okabe_Rintarou says:

    Why is the penetration of the Challenger II’s gun severely gimped compared to the other MBTs? That’s just not balanced. Also, -10 degrees of gun depression on the Tier IX T-90? That’s bollocks. It should be -5 degrees.

  6. Flakmonkey says:

    Am I the only one concerned as to why it seems the T-90MS is quite OP compared to the other tier 9 MBTs? the Leo 2A6 also looks like crap stat-wise.

    • Spooky says:

      I’ve been playing them and it doesn’t seem like any stand out as super OP to me. I think the stats of armor, etc. are misleading because of the way they also use the modifiers to adjust the armor’s protection. Right now I’d actually rank the Challenger 2 and maybe Leopard over the MS, but need more time playing them.

      • Thourq says:

        I think people are just looking at the high Alpha and Penetration and reacting to it by shouting OP. What I am curious about is the ERA modifiers some vehicles get, which isn’t represented in the pictures you posted. Like what kind of ERA and where is it located, does the Chally 2 get? How effective is the ERA of the T-90MS? Those sorts of things.

        Let’s not forget, the T-90MS has the second worst armor modifier of all the T9 MBTs, the worst being the Leopard 2A6. So I think it kind of evens it out. Also, as you said Spooky, all this may be subject to change.

        The only thing that really bugs me is what another mentioned on the comments here, why does the T-90MS have -10 depression and the M1A2 have -5 whilst the Chally 2 has -9? As mentioned as well, the Chally should have -10, T-90MS at -5, M1A2 at -9.

        But, I do kind of get where they’re going at with these soft stats. It’s connected to what OE perceive the vehicle’s roles. Russian MBTs being high hitting glass cannons, UK MBTs being hull down endurance snipers, US MBTs being CQB brawlers and the German MBT being more of the open field heavies with their armor.

        From a sim standpoint, it doesn’t make sense. But from a balance standpoint, it sort of does. But it is an odd choice to go with especially since they want to still keep it believably realistic.

        • sai91 says:

          They shouldn’t touch a concrete stats like gun depression imo, they could balance it through other means. And the progression is currently weird when on lower tier T-series you get -6 and suddenly you get -10 on tier 9 (tho there’s also the T-54 which have -9 which also bugs me). The Chally line, Chieftain gets -10, suddenly Challenger gets -7, and Challenger 2 gets -9, even tho all of them supposed to have -10. Abrams line as well, XM1 gets -10, M1 -7.5, and now M1A2 gets -5. It really breaks the playstyle to be honest. The only line of MBT that seems to maintain it’s gun depression is the Leo line.

  7. Elranoaz says:

    i’ve thinking , about CRAB with those upgrade i might not have a chance to hit :( and if i’m playing light vehicle like TD AFV anything that has no armor and low camouflage : Can’t spot ! .

  8. Elranoaz says:

    CR2 has less Penetration the they own Tech tree line -*- OMG . Side armor is freaking WEAK 100mm -*- where is Megatron Pack ? .

  9. sai91 says:

    It’s kinda weird seeing the low profile T-90MS gets -10 gun depression while the M1A2 gets a measly -5. Even Leo2A6 and Chally 2 gets -9. What gives?

  10. Bobby says:

    Anyone else noticed, that every MBT has in it’s upgraded config around 4.5k dpm (even the M8 LT) and that the T90MS has 5.3k dpm stock respectively 6.5k dpm?
    The T90MS has like 44% more dpm than the other MBTs.

  11. Mike E says:

    lol @ the OP T-90MS

    The armour is insane, firepower is insane, and mobility is up there. With troll ERA it will be a monster.

    And since even does a Russian export vehicle get a gun for with export restrictions? That and it gets Armata’s engine… *Prays that IRL T-90M gets both*

    • Mike E says:

      I forgot the mention the Chally 2. There’s nothing suggesting it uses DU in its’ armour at all. I’ve seen a few references for ‘Heavy Metals’, but that typically suggests Tungsten. Plus the UK doesn’t produce DU, so they’d need massive shipments from France or the US to get them for tanks.

    • Thourq says:

      Not sure how it’s insane. OP, quite possibly, but seems like a glass cannon compared to the Leopard 2A6. The modifiers of them both kinda even each other out to boot.

  12. Dangosam says:

    T-90MS Cannon Depression -10….Bloody hell …. Russian Tank have good gun depression???? Is this real??
    Good gun, good rof, good gun depression, ok front armor, good mobility…. R.I.P NATO tank

  13. Whisky79 says:

    B1 Draco How have 9 700 DPM,with 400 avg dmg and with 13s rld time? o.0

    • Hawk says:

      Seems like it has a 12 shot autoloader. Maybe the 14s is time to reload after they’re all fired? Would explain the low damage number if it had 12 of them to spit out for 3k+ damage.

  14. Hawk says:

    Any chance you could dig up the upgraded AP ammo stats for the Crab’s gun? Curious if it at least boosts it to 220 pen (what the tier 8 warrior has atm)

  15. Psy' says:

    Are those armor value with or without the armor modifier due to steel/depleted uranium/Composite?

  16. Zoucouy says:

    Worried about those side/rear armor values,big numbers and modifiers,looks like those T9 MBTs are mostly impervious to flanking autocannon fire,well at least most of them dont have APS so missiles should still work.

    Also does anybody know what is coming after the BMP-3M? I’m grinding that line and I’m starting to get nervous about the lack of subsequent tanks…

    How about this Kurganets 25 IFV?http://www.military-today.com/apc/kurganets_25.htm

    It IS supposed to be the BMP-3 successor.

    The Tier 10 could be the T-15 Armata Heavy IFV

    • Zoucouy says:

      Ok so the current plan is to have the 57mm armed bmp3 for tier 10:https://aw.my.com/en/forum/showthread.php?43058-STILL-no-sign-of-high-tier-BMP-line-tanks

      • Thourq says:

        Not too sure about the Kurganets or the T-15. Both of them are basically Terminators. In case you don’t know, Russia never put the Terminator into service or actually bought it for their armed forces.

        Due to that, finding a realistic continuation for the BMP line without actually making more Terminator clones is a bit tricky.

        • Mike E says:

          Maybe in firepower, but neither vehicle is like aa BMPT.

          BMPT is an infantry support vehicle, or possibly just a support vehicle. Kurganets is an actual IFV, while T-15 is a HIFV. Kurga is considerably faster, with possibly better side armour (depends on how it is implemented IRL), and T-15 is in another league in regards to protection.

          • Thourq says:

            I know the BMPT is a fire support vehicle. But if you think about it, the Kurganets and T-15 practically surpass it, despite lacking the AGL AFAIK. They however, do get to carry infantry along with them, the terminator couldn’t. Let’s not forget that since the T-15 uses the same chassis as the T-14, in all intents and purposes, it’s a better version of the BMPT

  17. Nit says:

    That 30mm on CRAB, any usefulness on that gun?

  18. MassiveD says:

    T-90MS is really lacking in the hp department. Also, where is my fire control system like on the T-80, T-90 to reduce targetting time by 20%?

    • Elranoaz says:

      lacking ? it just little bit below Leo2 and M1 , CR 2 has massive HP pool but less damage less pen no heat .

    • Elranoaz says:

      OMG , T-90MS hp doesn’t really lower than Leo M1 that much , and 6500 DPM ? other MBT is just 4500 , CR2 low Damage Low Pen more acc reload aim just freaking Lot of HP with 2 mk.3 retrofit it almost 5000 , WAIT no Megatron ? side hull is terrible weak .

  19. ZeesuS says:

    Damn that T-90MS..
    Compared the stats of MBTs, T-90MS has superior firepower with good maneuverability, Leo 2A6 superior armor with good maneuverability.. M1A2 and Challenger 2 doesnt have a single thing that makes them worth the grind..

    • Spooky says:

      Except after playing the 4 you mention I’d currently pick the Challenger 2 to take out even though I usually prefer more mobile tanks with harder hitting guns. Maybe it is the high pings, but I am doing better in the the Challenger than the others. The thing is well protected with a lot of HP. I haven’t played the Abrams as much, probably need to take it out more tomorrow to see.

  20. ToldiGeza says:

    The Leo 2A6 is quite weak, at least on paper… very low HP, and crap/not enough retrofit slots.
    Chally 2 ftw!

  21. CLAYM0RE says:

    M8 doesnt have smoke!!!??? how on earth?

    • lzwilde says:

      2 armor slots, but no armor bricks from XM8. Only T90MS and Leo2A6 have worse view range. Challenger 2 have better accuracy. T90MS have better reload time, penetration and damage. Have worst camo from all non MBTs, and even then T90MS have 0.01 camo rating less. Have same speed as T90MS.

      I’m totally puzzled about all this balancing and role of M8. Because its seems that T90MS is a beter light tank.

    • humek says:

      You forget to look at the -14° gun depression, that is so freaking awesome you cannot even describe it with words, dont even know if there is a tank even close to it, you wont have to show more than your gun to fire.

    • Warin says:

      it have smoke, those screenshots is yalla http://youtu.be/_uAD5EzND_4 at 7:17

  22. Thighzen says:

    How can you tell the model is still broken from these screenshots?

  23. dunning-kruger says:

    oh wow m1a2 looks like trash in every way. apparently the model is still broken too, doubt they will fix it by the end of the year tbh.

    • Woras says:

      Russian Bias – I go for T90MS.

      • Spooky says:

        bias doesn’t exist in AW. If you want to claim there is one back it up with the reasons why, and those reasons better be accurate.

        As far as the T-90MS it has some nice pluses such as alpha and pen, but when it comes to the tier 9 MBTs is is probably 2nd or 3rd in my book. Hardly a “Russian bias” involved. The thing is the easiest to pen from the front of the MBTs and has low HP pool.

    • CLAYM0RE says:

      yeah idk why it doesnt look like the real one in any way , kinda makes me sad

    • Spooky says:

      I don’t know about trash, but after playing all 4 tier 9 MBTs my first impression is … yeah, the M1A2 is 4th out of the bunch. It isn’t horrid, but I certainly don’t have the play style suited for it.

      I’ll probable do a quick tier 9 MBT post maybe.

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