Garbad’s thoughts on Armored Warfare – late November, 2015

Armored Talk Guest Contribution

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  1. BlackRat says:

    “Intercoms (5% crew skill module) are still bugged; do use it. Same as food”
    What food? Where you find “food”? I only have Energy drink and protein bar. It affect only crew, not commanders

  2. agrafen says:

    “Intercoms (5% crew skill module) are still bugged; do use it. Same as food” – did not understand this. Why use if it’s bugged as food (does not give a bonus)? Or is it a error, and was meant to be “do not use it”??

  3. Okabe_Rintarou says:

    To Garbad, what if I don’t have either of the commanders from the artillery line unlocked (Freja and Juan) yet, as well as not having the pre-order commander? Is Viktor Kirsanov the go-to commander to run on MBTs, despite you listing him as one of the “losers” in the last guide you wrote?

  4. DracoArgentum says:

    I tested Viktor with his Leadership skill. It showed a change to the in game reload counter in 3/4 games. But when I went to PvE for the last couple and spam clicked the fire button it waited until about the normal reload time passed just like Garbad’s testing of food.

    IMO right now its unreliably buggy. Thats almost fortunate because Diaz with food instead of a medkit would be insanely good.

  5. SphinX_AU says:

    Hate to say this, but the 10% Max gives to crew and Rapid Fire loader perk don’t always activate in a match. Especially in PvE, and it’s easy to see that they don’t work, when the timer is higher than the reload in the garage.

    For example my M1 Abrams has the reload timer in garage at 5.68s, in a match it goes as high as 6.88, using the formula to work out reload times both Maxs 10% and Rapid Fire have not been applied giving a 6.88s reload.

    • sunsets says:

      Agreed — Max is great, but like Juan Carlos and Freja, his bonuses don’t always kick in. It seems to be random and this bug affects all the commander’s I’ve tried. I still run Max on most of my tanks though.

      • SphinX_AU says:

        Yeah it only affects perks / unlockable skills on crew and commanders. Max is by far the best for almost every vehicle in PvE, the 10% boost to all their innate skills is massive as it’s a flat 10%. Just by using Max on a fully leveled loader with Rapid Fire drops the base reload by 20%.

  6. Kopocko says:

    About that commaner leadership skill, thanks a lot and same skill has commander Anthony Diaz which can even heal for free first killed crew member, which I found insanly good.

    • MntRunner says:

      I hardly ever lose a crew member, so I don’t think Anthony us all that useful at the moment. However, once the food consumables are fixed in AW then you can drop a med kit and use food which will stack with Anthony’s skills.

  7. BlindSide says:

    If Garbad goes on a losing streak in a particular tank, he likes to open up a training room and sacrifice a bunch of miniature tanks to the tank gods. Clearly a despicable person.

  8. Pope says:

    I dont feel the huge 15-3 wash outs and such are a big problem in AW, since I as an individual player still get a pretty good reward for performing good on a loosing team.
    The pacing in AW is so much faster that when a flank breaks it quickly goes downhill from there and it will be very hard to save it.

    It isnt that hard to be an average player really, look at your minimap, have some situational awareness and learn some weakspots. Those very very basic things should be enough to bring anyone up over 50% Unfortunely that is something that even alot of WoT players fail to do, and not doing it in AW is going to cause you to loose fast and big.
    Always nice to see some of Garbads thoughts on AW, thank you.

  9. Mko says:

    personally I find it harder to carry a game in AW than in WOT (I am unicum-ish over there). Not by much, though. Maybe influencing a game is easier. It’s hard to say, I don’t even have 500 battles in AW yet. The amount of clueless people in both games is very similar now. Only at the start of open beta there were fewer of them in AW and it was a joy to play.

  10. Tye says:

    I dont feel like I am seeing as many steam rolls as I used too. I know i am getting more familiar with map locations and movement paths, where to fight and to keep looking at mini map to know when flanks are comprimised and I need to relocate or push. I thi k other players are getting much better too.
    As to recommending a game to start, i would say AW. Echoing Taugrims thoughts, i have never felt the need to free xp a tank to make it playable whereas in WOT some stock tanks are next to useless stock. In AW tank slots are free, i dont need premium shells on hand and crew training doesnt need gold to swap. I play AW with no premium up to tier 5 currently and enjoyed every tank.

    Great blog.

    • Spooky says:

      Thanks. Once the player base is greater there will be even less of a reason to even think about free xp’ing modules unless you are in a hurry or something. The MM system uses a power level sorta ranking for the tanks, not strictly tier based. So a vehicle that is stock would get better MM than a fully upgraded vehicle, making it more comfortable to play.

  11. baby says:

    “…when reloading, the timer would hang at 0.01 seconds left for a second or so, then fire.”
    – Yes, exactly this is mine problem.
    Fix it, please, as soon as possible we tired from this issue.

  12. S the K says:

    Good to know that Max Koenig is now a good TC.. .right after I got both Juan Carlos and Freya from the SPGs. :-(

    If I understood correctly, if the tank has separate gunner and loader, use Max Koenig. If a tank has a combo gunner/loader, use Juan Carlos. Is that corect?

    Good to know that Sabrina is still the queen of camo for AFVs and TDs.

    On a side note, I unlocked loannis Sanna over the weekend. I’m looking forward to training him up as a SPG TC and watching the enemy burn! 😀

    I assume you meant to say “do not” use the Intercom retrofit as it is still bugged?

    • Fewer says:

      If a tank has no loader (including a driver who functions as a loader), use JCM. Otherwise, Max. The in game explanation is that certain tanks have autoloaders, not human loaders (note: NOT clips, autoloaders in the real life sense of the term).

      Yes, my typo.

      • ShockInfantry says:

        Doesn’t this also make Viktor Kirsanov a good MBT TC? I believe he has the Leadership skill as well at the end of his skill tree.

        • S the K says:

          I think it was mentioned in the earlier article, but the issue with Viktor is most of his skills are conditional. Something has to happen for the skill to kick in for 15 seconds. Whereas with other TCs, their skills are in effect all the time.

          • ShockInfantry says:

            True, but not everybody has Max, The only exclusive I have is Anthony who is if anything probably the worst TC who only has Leadership and perhaps accelerated training to make him approachable, so I am just looking at alternatives.

  13. jediwomble says:

    About the 15-3 thing… This needs to be addressed. As Garbad point out, this is no problem for hard-core players, but their fun comes at the expense of the mass of ordinary players who feel like they have little or no impact on the outcome of these matches. This game will only succeed if it is pitched at ‘ordinary’ gamers and not at tryhards etc.

    • Fewer says:

      An important thing to remember: the average player feels like they have little impact because they do in fact have little impact. An average player’s chance of winning is 50/50, based completely on his team and his own random actions. The problem is that many conclude because they lack the skill to influence a game, no one can influence a game. This is false.

      The solution to feeling like you can’t influence a game is to grow more skilled, and learn to influence games, not to imagine that everyone is doomed to be powerless.

      • jediwomble says:

        [There isn’t a need to be derogatory..stick to topics and not specific people. ~Spooky]

        .. this is a discretionary spend item. Most players won’t or can’t ‘grow more skilled’ and if they continue to see games dominated by a limited number of high-skill players they will play (and pay) less. Every game developer know this. That is one reason why WG went for the high RNG – so ‘ordinary’ players could still have big games through luck. OE’s answer was to introduce skill-based matchmaking, but so far this does not seem to be providing the desired effect.

        • Fewer says:

          If a person cannot or will not improve, by what right can they expect to win in a competitive game? Either become used to losing or do what it takes to win. There is no other way.

          • jediwomble says:

            [self proclaimed rant removed….let’s stick to topics, not groups of people like an entire generation. ~Spooky]

          • Spooky says:

            Yes there is, have fun playing. Skilled or not, hopefully players are having fun playing AW. If/when AW’s matchmaking has enough players to and data to accurately distribute the match of 30 players to two roughly equivalently “skilled” teams it may even have the effect of tightening up the W/L records of all players alike.

            So it really comes down to are players, regardless of their skill, having fun playing the game. If so, they won’t care if their winrate is 45% or 55%.

      • Robert Baker says:

        Well said.

    • Spooky says:

      Completely agree a F2P game has to appeal to the entire marketplace or it won’t be successful. Obsidian listed landslides as something they are looking into, so maybe they can address it. I can’t help but wonder if this truly a major issue in the game though. Does that really scare people away or is it just a meme on the forums right now?

      • Fewer says:

        Its ignorance. Gamers seem to think they live in a world where everyone deserves to be above average. They simply can’t accept that they may be the reason they aren’t winning.

        • S the K says:

          They’re probably all from Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.

    • Nekommando says:

      People WILL feel they have no impact at the beginning, because they know nothing. But as they play more and more, PvE, watch vids, guides, think, or other things to try and improve, they WILL get better and start influencing more.

      No one is born a God in CS/starcraft/LOL/insertcompetitivegameshere, everyone gets pwned in every one of those games, yet those games still have huge playerbase without relying on RNG. Why? Because you can improve and be influential, YES YOU CAN.
      Don’t let your dream be dreams.

  14. BBA says:

    My feeling is, that I miss this very critical perspektive of a Blogger like SS. Fighting against the ignorance of the developer!! Why are they so blind!!!!
    These were times !!! 😉

    Armored Talk feels sometimes like too much fanboyism with a smell of Obsidian advertisement.

    Sry, for my openness.

    • Woras says:

      Since we cant talk about people….this topic is closed 😀 But I do have my version of things.

    • Fewer says:

      I have to say, I think this is the first time anyone has criticized me for being too soft on developers. 😛

      Stick around, I think you will find this perception is completely wrong.

    • Spooky says:

      Openness is no problem, although your perspective is off imo.

    • Nekommando says:

      SS is only really critical at WGEU’s uhh, “Business conducts and professional attitude”. He actually cuts pretty big slack to WG-Minsk, maybe it’s because historians there deserve whatever little respect WG gets nowadays.

  15. AppyRose says:

    Garbad hits the nail with this one.

    So many “sky is falling” whiners out there, worrying about the small stuff, it will get fixed. Just mellow, it’s getting better.

    Woras, “uncomfortable”? No not at all. This game feels so much better than WOT. That’s where I am “uncomfortable”, these days, it feels like I am driving tanks stuck in Molasses, compared to AW.

    People need to give constructive suggestions, and critism, and give the DEVs time to work. Things are getting fixed, much faster than WOT does things.

    Great things are ahead,

    • Woras says:

      Yeah, it just doesnt.
      What exactly makes AW “…so much better than WOT.”?

      • Nekommando says:

        They fixed arty, tried to do a better MM and are mostly successful, did multicore and have good physics, made PvP quite fun in any class, etc
        Or rather, it’s not “AW is sooooo better than WoT”, it’s “AW challenges WoT and we may see improvements to both games”

        • Woras says:

          Yes, arty fixed. Not Paladin tho – its even worse than WoT one.
          MM is absolutely better – but due to low population – it gets worse in high tiers.
          Multicore? My WoT ran fine – unless you have microwave as your PC, then maybe its time to buy new one, eh?
          The higher tiers you go – the less and less anything else than MBT matters 😀 And what? You want to tell me that it isnt fun in WoT to play LT or MT? Hell, one of most fun games were in T-54 and Bulldog. And KV-5 of course 😀

          And yes – AW does something to WoT. And there is small chance it can be quite …. unexpected that WG fixes their stuff and guess what – not so promised land that AW is 😀

    • BBA says:


      …these “obsidian is cute and kind” posts need some PEPPER!!!

      [No, BBA, they don’t if it is just for pepper’s sake. Have something substantive to contribute, not just trolling. ~Spooky]

  16. Woras says:

    I expect AW to be good around somewhere in summer.
    Because now its just uncomfortable to play.
    Both how tank behaves, how much trash objects are in maps and how graphics allow to see an enemy.

    We know that physics in AW are just rotten potato mash of unfinished one and WoT-pre 8.0 – instead of full stop – they just magnetise themselves until force dont hold them together.

    Next thing is how much maps are littered with bumps and bumps on bumps and other objects that make your tank wiggle wobble into sky pointing your gun.
    Then goes the graphics – seems hard to even see a tank in far distance due to everything being too dark or too foggy.
    Also with graphics – the fact that grass in-game cannot be turned off (which blocks the your view of ridgeline) and that maps are just full of mother nature – kind of pisses me, personally, off. And you cant turn off idiotic smoke from sniper view…

    Last but not least – UI is from Windows 95.
    First reticle was good – they screwed it up.
    Warning icons were perfect – they made them smaller and gave indistinguishable yellow color.
    Damage/bounce markers – they made them even less visible and smaller.
    Damage panel – eeeh, I would prefer some other WoT mod.
    And every single thing in in-game UI has white boundaries which, I think, serves purpose to align stuff for developers but why the fruity loops are those white lines in released game to poke people eyes?
    Garage UI is just set of blocks – welcome to Windows 95, again. Absolutely no design.

    Lets conclude – WoT is unbalanced, AW is uncomfortable.
    People still looks for easy way – AW is not 😀 Unless OE does something.

    • BBA says:

      thx for a critical view

    • Spooky says:

      I too suspect AW will be a much better game in the summer, it may even be out of beta by then, or at least close (just my speculation)

      Not sure what you mean by graphics allow to see an enemy?

      Tank movement physics should probably be improved, but they are not horrendous.

      Just like I like the differing terrain feel of AW maps, and believe they need even more levels / variety, don’t those bumps add to the feel of the terrain vs being just an arcade shooter on a smooth surface? Or do I misunderstand what you are saying?

      Graphics do need better lighting in the game

      You shouldn’t be able to turn off grass or smoke or other special effects in WoT or AW if I had my way. Why have any special effects or graphics at all, let’s go back to battlezone days of wireframe tanks on a flat surface? :)

      UI needs more customization and reticle choices. I’ dbe quite surprised if these were not implemented by the end of first quarter, let alone having to wait until next summer.

      As far as the white borders, etc. it is just personal preference.

      So room for improvement, but hardly uncomfortable/unplayable. Needs refining? Sure.

      Question: A friend comes up to you who has never played a tank mmo game before. Which game, WT, WoT, or AW, do you tell them to play if they can play only one?

      • Krokodil says:

        He’s talking about the insane amount of foliage around. And he’s right. It does make it hard to judge leads sometimes, and the inability to gauge where the crest of a hill actually is can lead to some problems with certain tanks. The counterpoint to this is of course that everyone has it on, unlike a certain game’s ultra low quality mode where you used to barely have any foliage rendered at all allowing you to spot and hit tanks from across the map. And it does add to the overall graphics quality a bit, even with some of the slightly weird looking anti-aliasing.

        He’s also right about the movement physics. Sometimes AFVs will hit small bumps and spin out. Wheeled vehicle control as a whole seems to need some work. The smallest rocks on the ground can sometimes tip an MBT, causing rocking and issues with aiming. I kind of feel like this has some things to do with terrain modelling as well but I’m not a dev so I’d rather not jump to any conclusions.

        For graphics, it’s not just a lighting problem. Compare the model quality with that of the newest WoT HD models and the models they use in WT. Although they have improved some models (my Leo 2A5 seems to have gotten a bit of a graphics update this patch, which is nice), it’s still not even close to the newer models in WT and WoT. Things like WoT’s M48 or Chieftain (heh) are much better quality wise compared to their AW counterparts, and look better in game even though they’re running on a dated and almost entirely inferior engine.

        • Spooky says:

          The images I’ve seen with improved lighting also seemed to have another skin or texture on the vehicles, so maybe what I saw had more than just the lighting made better. Not sure I mind the super vegetation, but yes, I have spun out a few times in wheeled vehicles. 😉

        • gellalli says:

          Tanks are not realistic!!! We want realism! We cannot turn off foliage\grass\smoke\whatever! We dont want realism! Make your minds guys. I personally feel like its fine. Also whole aw is giving me feeling of fast combat that is little bit realistic, but arcade enought so i can play confortably.

      • BBA says:

        Easy thing!

        1. Wot!
        Easy start, because of an easy mission: hit enemys with ure bullet (after u tried to move ure tank, hopefully).

        if experienced –> AW
        complex fighting, because of many weaponsystems, complex armor, no easy strategies like sidescraping or circling (never really works for me, only afvs). but hell of an action.

        when experimental, too much time, too much realism –> WT
        (I dont like it, thats why I dont care for advantages or analyse.)

        Im happy to help u

      • ShivaGK says:

        I have to only choose one?
        PvE: AW
        PvP: WoT
        “AW and WoT, if I could choose 2”

        Gun pointing to sky?
        My Fox comes to my mind.

      • Woras says:

        Physics are not horrendous – but that magnetism and lack of actual feedback when ramming tanks (both tanks just touch each other – neither one even tries to use suspension effects). It feels like……not RC tanks but damn close.

        I mean terrain by its so full of bumps and holes – its impossible to keep your speed in any fast vehicle. Or when you have low depression – it pisses off to adjust yourself three times everytime everywhere.

        Graphics need new lightning, actual textures and other stuff. Come on – even father Crysis looks better 😀

        Dont need to radical here, use Rad-X 😀 But srsly – if low graphics give advantage, why use the high ones if they clearly influence the gameplay. Like when somebody hits a wall in front you and dust and smoke appears when zoomed in – I get super FPS drops – minus 40 sometimes.
        Sniper view must have only one effect – tracer.
        Outside it there can be fireworks, atomic explosions, smokes, particles of every sort.

        UI needs to be borderless or have seamless border – barely visible. And little bit of glow.

        Of course I would tell to try WoT – their low tiers are as good as here. Stuff gets progressively stupid when it reaches high tiers – same as in AW, same as WoT 😀

      • Xander says:

        I’d agree that you shouldn’t be able to turn off any foliage or scenery as it would influence the selection of the more competitive minded people, ruining the game for those who like immersion but it does seem that scenery only affects camo sometimes. I’ve driven high camo vehicles and gotten spotted through a jungle on one game and then the next fired with a challenger 1 at much closer range with only a couple of bushes and remained concealed. It might just be outliers but my feel for camo is that it’s unreliable.

  17. Skouteh says:

    The dispersion of tanks around the map at the moment looks very much like WoT-style thinking at the moment, with a few tanks covering each small corridor of advance and larger groups contesting the major routes. Given that the speed of AW vehicles is at least equal to WoT’s fast mediums, I expect we’ll see a lot more wolf-packing as experienced players increase in numbers – a couple of large wolfpacks with a few scouts covering the blind areas and maybe some static defenders holding key choke points would suit the game a lot better.

  18. Nekommando says:

    Always enjoy reading Garbad’s articles, other than being informative, they have class.

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