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Armored Talk hiatus

Many of you know that for the most part Armored Talk is a one-man show. While this means you get a consistent viewpoint (other than guest contributions), it also comes with a downside. I can’t be in many places at once, no matter how ard I try. With some major life changes (don’t worry, they are overall good) and having had 6+ months of frenzied activity in Armored Talk and Armored Warfare taking up a...

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Year end bonuses and discounts in Armored Warfare

400% Reputation boost for first win of the day on January 1 will be nice, although I probably won’t be able to play much that day sadly. If you were a holdout buying the Collector’s Editions now is your chance to save a bit of money, 15% discounts. Stuff in real life goes on sale all of the time too, but I am guessing some players who recently purchased these packs are going to have...

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Catching up on news in Armored Warfare (ranked play, ERA, etc.)

Christmas was full of good cheer and family time, but I wanted to do a quick catching up to some things in Armored Warfare land… T-80 to get ERA added We are preparing an upgrade to the T-80 that will amongst other things add an ERA kit. ~SilentStalker, Content Manager Ranked mode coming to Armored Warfare Rich Taylor dropped this tidbit in the Obsidian happy holidays video I posted a few days ago, but SilentStalker...

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Merry Christmas!!!

  May the magic of this season shine brightly with you and yours. Whether you celebrate this time of year or not, I hope you find peace and fellowship wherever you are. Merry Christmas!!!

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Developer Dispatch: Armored Warfare news from the forums on PvE rewards, new dealer, map…ranked combat?

It is that time again when I try to catch you up on some of the most interesting topics from the Armored Warfare staff… PvE changes: AI bot shot delay and AI artillery bots “cheating” Prior to the last patch AI bots at times had near-instant snapshot ability. While this may prove to be a tougher opponent, it meant you couldn’t reliably count on poking out, hitting a bot that wasn’t aggroed on you, and...

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Armored Warfare tricks and hints videos…break out the popcorn while enjoying your 3x weekend

First, remember there is a special bonus weekend for the holiday: and Obsidian Entertainment are proud to announce the holiday bonus weekend! From the 24th of December, 2015 to the 27th of December, 2015, the players can earn three times as much reputation from each battle than usual. Second, Armored Warfare had a Tips and Tricks contest where they asked members of the community to submit their best videos. Maybe I need to do something...

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Best performing vehicles in Armored Warfare: Project Armata

Ask and you shall receive? I’ve often opined I wish Armored Warfare would release heatmaps, vehicle stats, etc. after each patch. They run the risk of players flocking to perceived stronger areas/vehicles yes, but that shouldn’t really matter. And the interest value in such statistics is high with a lot of people, myself included. Well, the Russian Armored Warfare: Project Armata portal released at least a glimpse into vehicles today. Keep in mind these are...

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Rich Taylor answers NA/EU Armored Warfare community questions

The official portal posted the below question and answers and a few of them are probably of interest to most of you. Armored Warfare Special Question and Answers session Question: Will there be more Commanders added to the game? Answer: Yes, more commanders will be added in the future. We also intend to expand the skill selections available for existing commanders. [I need to ask sometimes if the plans for commanders still call for specialized...

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Armored Warfare developer responses to high tier questions from the Russian community

Armored Warfare: Project Armata portal posted some developer responses to questions from the Russian community about higher tiers in Armored Warfare. I’d thought the NA/EU Armored Warfare portal may bring these out so I held off doing my usually less clear Russian-English translation. But here we go anyway, with some attempts to further clarify where needed. Armor effectiveness Obsidian is working on the interaction between armor and penetration between the classes. Question: Will armour be modified...

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Russian President Putin praises Armored Warfare: Project Armata

Normally I shy away from politics or people on Armored Talk, but any world leader commenting on a game like Armored Warfare is mention-worthy at least. Russian President Vladimir Putin was a speaker at the 2015 Russian Internet Economy Forum at Moscow’s World Trade Center earlier today. Internet economy is a big deal for all countries, so it makes sense he was there. That he walked the expo floors isn’t too much of a surprise, and it looks like he stopped...