Main battle tank comparison reveals some new vehicles coming to Armored Warfare

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  1. Kal says:

    Heya Spooky :)
    Not to spoil the upbeat mood of other readers – after all everyone would like to see their favourite armoured vehicle coming to the game sooner or later – but this comparison table is rather old content. It has been there at the AW: Project Armata website ( for a long time now – I saw it first almost 2 months ago – in this article that compares the T-14 Armata to current generation MBTs –
    The Project Armata website has a separate (and quite conspicuous :D) link to a dedicated Armata section that features several interesting articles on the T-14 Armata MBT (in Russian, unfortunately). The comparison article is the eighth and last one on the list. The dedicated Armata section is obviously part of Uralvagonzavod’s advertisement strategy for the T-14 Armata and I think all the material in those articles comes from them.
    The original comparison article is really meant to highlight the characteristics (advantages?) of the T-14 Armata in comparison to other MBTs, but obviously didn’t want to put it that way by posting the complete original article – no doubt most of the western community would be ready to hurl “brickbats” at them for “Russian Bias” – so we have just the comparison table as part of a different article – A comparison of modern MBTs” 😀 Ofc, this doesn’t mean that the MBTs featured in the table won’t be coming to AW, since the devs and producers have confirmed it many times before that “eventually” all modern vehicles will be in AW and IIRC, they have already confirmed the Chinese and Israeli vehicles (French too, IIRC?) to be part of the 3rd Dealer that will come in 2016 but the others like the Oplot might not be coming anytime soon.
    Spooky, I must admit I am somewhat surprised that you didn’t notice the original article before – since, I assume, you regularly visit the Project Armata website and forums in order to get interesting news for the English-speaking community. Maybe you missed it?

    • Spooky says:

      Oh, I saw those articles a few months ago but didn’t bring them here for a couple of reasons. One, as you stated, they seemed more propaganda-ish (but not over the top). But moreso, I didn’t want to translate them unless it was directly AW. The RU portal has had quite a bit of articles I haven’t brought for the same reason. If something adds new information or sheds light on upcoming feature in the game I bring it here. Maybe I should bring their armor and real vehicle information too, but translating something that isn’t directly AW from there when the guys may eventually do it with real RU to English translators hasn’t made sense. And for this chart it is in Russian and an image, making this particular table harder to translate for my limited translating skillset. 😉

  2. Krollin says:

    T-14 Armata armour thickness smells of pure propaganda: more than 900mm of protection I could believe if it was the effective RHA thickness but the other tanks don’t quote that.

  3. Taihou says:

    Merkava the APC tank confirmed :)

  4. boro says:

    wohoo leclerc!

  5. Garry_Gamed says:

    I talked to Firo about that, he said they will definetly come (atleast Type 10 and STB1)
    Most likely in the 3rd dealer tree, maybe not imedialitly with his release since they are not high priority

    • Garry_Gamed says:

      and again I posted to fast….

      Also he said (since I asked in case of the type 10) they are planning to give those tanks that have it, the hydraulic track system(? dunno the english word sorry…..) so that the tanks can lift and lower their hull to get more gun depression.

  6. Slivovitz says:

    Merkava has 4RPM? Bets are now open – will they compensate that by ridiculous alpha dmg or by making it more impenetrable than post-patch Chally?

  7. Woras says:

    oamagd Merkava confirmed!

  8. SK597 says:

    Now I’m wondering where the Japanese MBTs are? i haven’t seen any mention of them yet, and i know they have a few good tanks, so where are they? Not to mention Korean MBTs…

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