Garbad’s How should I equip my Tank in Armored Warfare guide


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  1. Leedar says:

    Unless Garbad/someone has done some serious testing this information is kind of worthless. There isn’t any decent information provided about how aiming works, but Garbad simply assumes that AW uses an exact copy of WoT’s system but with different names.

    • Leedar says:

      In fact, I’ve read in patch notes that a specific minimum accuracy value was tweaked. That doesn’t make sense in the WoT system. It would be odd for OE to add a max dispersion cap instead of simply modifying bloom, so I think this likely factors into how the overall aiming works (e.g. closer max and min values cause slower effective aim time for a given nominal aim time).

  2. Grey says:

    I know it’s been a bit since the article was posted, but reading it inspired me and I tinkering. Specifically focusing on lowering Reload Time.

    I understand the importance of the Alpha strike and peeking when trading damage, but the ability to have a 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 shot exchange and create more opportunities for damage seems it would be very valuable. Especially if you can catch a target by surprise as the average player will often take 2-3 hits before they process the situation they’re in and begin to move to respond and often can’t counter at all.

    Your milage may vary, and this is probably old news by now. On an ERC-90 try stacking Max (if you have him) or Juan with the Thermal Liner, Crew Intercom and both the food consumables (Which I understand they are fixing to not stack?) Anyway the reload should be around 2.38 sec in battle. (It shows 2.86 in the garage I think)

    Anyway thanks for the great article!

  3. Track_Tension says:

    Is it worth finding a retrofits setup to reduce reload time for a tank used in PvE?

  4. ashegam says:

    So for a gunner the best two perks to reduce aim time and bloom would be Marksman (Peak accuracy) and Quick Draw?

    One would think Shoot From The Hip (when accuracy circle is largest) would be the better perk to choose since you’re reducing the the bloom at it’s maximum point by 20%. I don’t understand why Fewer is saying go with Marksman which is when the circle is at it’s smallest. If you take the lowest limit of a circle and make it even smaller, it would take you even longer to get to that smallest point.

    Here we go again with peak and min accuracy, this thing is so fucking confusing.

    • Elranoaz says:

      it’s really useful at long range like TD LT because even 0.09 or 0.10 is still miss target or weakspot and it’s really ruined , and in High Tier it’s like Pixel Hunt , so more accuracy will help a lot on Pixel Hunt , but yeah if it not because “Shot Delay” it will much more shiny than currently .

  5. Arnie says:

    Jeez, gonna be expensive moving these retrofits around.

    • sai91 says:

      With the new system it shows swapping retrofits around didn’t cost a lot. I changed my mk.2 kevlar lining to mk.2 intercoms on my Chally 1 and only lose 11k credits.

    • Spooky says:

      It doesn’t cost to move retrofits between slots on the same vehicle anymore at least. Unless, of course, you are ditching one from use all together and buying another.

  6. Okabe_Rintarou says:

    Garbad, can you test if the Crew Intercoms Tech Retrofit (the one that increases crew skills) are properly working in this patch (Update 0.12)? I almost have the 3rd version of it unlocked on the Challenger I.

    • Fewer says:

      I tested it this morning, it works and its FANTASTIC. If you have a loader, probably the best mod in the game.

      • sai91 says:

        Finally able to use it and now my Chally 1 have 5.89s reload. Had to use kevlar lining before. Now it’s just awesome especially with the reload bug fixed.

  7. Arnie says:

    Am I correct in assuming the final aim-time value won’t be reflected in the garage stats but it will be reflected in-game?

    • Fewer says:


      • sunsets says:

        I’m confused. In the article, it says “20% maximum accuracy doesn’t appear to change any stat on your display screen, yet has the effect of increasing your effective aim time by 10%.”

        Is that a typo — do you mean Maximum Accuracy “has the effect of DECREASING your effective aim time by 10%”?

        • sunsets says:

          Never mind, I don’t think it’s a typo. It’s puzzling to me that Garbad would be advocating the use of Maximum Accuracy (labelled “Peak Accuracy” in-game) if it increases your aim time though — at least on an MBT-70 that has inherently very slow aim time.

  8. ShockInfantry says:

    I’m confused, is Garbad advocating Max Accuracy upgrade (When circle is the smallest) or the Minimum Accuracy (Circle is the largest) for the Gunner skill?

  9. hclh says:

    Thx Garbad
    Although I think there are some minor errors, the overall post is very illustrative: I have learned a lot.
    In my case, I will follow you making my own mixture of all your posts and ideas

  10. Mko says:

    Aim time = time to reduce size by 2/3rds — source on this?
    Why 10% reduced aim time is 2 / 1.1 instead of 2 * 0.9 and 20% reduced bloom is 6 / 1.2 instead of 6 * 0.8? The outcome would be the other way around this way.

    I am also a heavy user of CBL, air induction, and internal reinforcement, but I also use augmented optics a lot. My MBT-70 is loaded with thermal sleeve 1, internal reinforcement 2 and CBL 2. I might try swapping the thermal sleeve for gyroscopic stabilizers but there is one problem. I will soon unlock thermal sleeve 2 on Centauro and I’m pretty far away from gyroscopes 2….hm, tough choices 😀

    • Fewer says:

      Its just math. 2 / 1.1 means 100% reduced aim time is half of your base aim time, not zero aim time.

      • Mko says:

        wut? I have mathematical education, I can read formulas. No worries :)

        The article says that we have a hypothetical tank with aim time 2 (seconds, potatoes, whatever) and it’s decreased by 10%. Garbad uses the formula 2 / 1.1 to express that but I’m saying that it’s wrong and it should be 2 * 0.9 instead. If we use my way, we get a different result, as in aim time reduction beats bloom reduction.

  11. Bigsexy3 says:

    Where is the Thermal Sleeve?? MK2 has 7.5% decrease of reload time….

    Less reload means more DMG in my book.

    Chrome Barrel and Thermal Sleeve are 2 retro’s i always carry with me.

    • Energycore says:

      The big one about thermal sleeve is that it gives you less peekaboo power than alpha or aim time related mods. It might be good for a tank that gives fire support from camo and already has great reload (RDF/LT, most low tier TDs) but for a main battle tank you want to hit for a lot of damage so that if you do take a hit, you did more damage to them than they did to you.

  12. Energycore says:

    Wait a second. How is viktor kirsanov not the best commander out there? his level 5 ability is +10% to all crew stuff which should mean +10% to reload, accuracy and aim time. Or am i reading it wrong?

    • Fewer says:

      Yes, but Max gives the same +10% all crew and also gives 10% view range + more exp. That’s better than viktor’s conditional stuff.

      • Bigsexy3 says:

        And 10% rep increase

      • rockcoach says:

        But Max is not available to the general public. Only people who bought a certain package during closed beta have him available. Everyone else has to get by without him.

      • Energycore says:

        Damn i didn’t know. Unfortunately i don’t have Max so i have to stick with Viktor. And Ioannis for my arty because i like griefing.

        • Okabe_Rintarou says:

          Why not just get either Juan Carlos Miramon or Freja Holberg? Those two give you faster aim time and faster reload, with a slew of somewhat helpful commander skills.

        • S the K says:

          Ditto re. Ioannis as trolling SPG commander

          Looking at Juan Carlos vs Freja, I think JC would be best for tanks with loaders and Freja on tanks with autoloaders. One of Freja’s skills is faster rate of fire. I infer that means faster reload of an autoloader, as opposed to faster reload time, i.e. with a human loader.

  13. Energycore says:

    Oh for anyone who doesn’t know what LN is. Mathematicians in the days of yore were looking for a real valued function whose derivative was itself and had some specific properties. They called that function e^x and LN is the reverse of e^x.

    I hope i was perfectly clear and used easy to understand words for all y’all.

  14. Energycore says:

    Wow, didn’t realize CBL got such a big buff. Glad i unlocked Mk.2. Also great to put into the Type 59.

  15. Slivovitz says:

    Can’t argue with anything in this guide, I clothe my machines in the more or less same way. Good job.

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