Spooky’s thougths on ICE vehicles P2W and the Armored Warfare developer’s stream answers

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  1. Scipio says:

    What they need to do is give TDs actual camo nets that they can use that increase camo by 30%. No other class other than maybe afvs should get these.

  2. BoredSights says:

    Ice and Merc tanks were made from existing files researched and developed months ago with new skins. The issue I have with these “unique” copies are they appear to me and many others as lazy and greedy marketing practices. But the words “lazy” and “greedy” don’t match our experience and opinion with this developer. I assume this issue we have is against the publisher. Publishers are human and can make mistakes like the rest of us and hope they can improve.

    How can we users and/or consumers convince the publisher to improve their marketing practices without harming the developer? My suggestion for the publisher is to create more gold “sinks” in-game and stop selling reskinned copies. The “Hardened” status is a move in the right direction. Get us to find more ways to use gold. This will increase the amount of gold purchases and more incentives to participate in tourneys/events and one day in Territory Wars. Just my two cents. :/

  3. Jimbo says:

    Primordial, go play your game and I’ll play mine. Mindless bots, just goes to show you don’t do PVE. Don’t force your religion on other people, or your no better than ISIS.

    • Primordial says:

      I made my dossier public, how about you check it out before you make any conclusion about me?

      I play both game modes.
      Your comments are proof enough you’re not worth arguing with so I won’t even bother.

      Have fun getting your mind challenged by playing with bots.

  4. rampartt says:

    How about the FPS drops in this last patch? Actually, I could call it a performance decrease overall with some areas of the map drop to 10-12 fps. I noticed quite a few reports about this on the forum as well.
    Is anything ment to fix this included in Monday’s hotfix?

  5. WarStore says:

    I can confirm the shot delay issues is much better now. Before, it was extremely hard to hit anything on the move, and impossible at close ranges. Now I can hit anything, including the Fox, which I never had the pleasure of hitting before.
    The problem was affected switching ammo here. Whenever I tried to switch ammo types, it would take 1 second for the game to recognize the command and restart the reload counter. Now, the reload counter restarts as soon as switch ammo.

  6. Primordial says:

    PVE getting buffed? That’s a big nope imo.

    Playing against brainless AI is like playing basketball against kindergartners. I don’t think people who stick to PVE should ever get the same or equal rewards as people who actually fight real people competitively.

    Easy mode – less rewards, it’s that simple. (By easy mode I mean PVE)

    • Primordial says:

      Also agree on ICE premium tanks.

      As long as those wallet warriors doesn’t pay for OP tanks im fine with it. They can have 150% more rep/credits I won’t give a fuck. As long as they’re not over performing in the battle field they’re not P2W to me.

    • OmegaBazil says:

      Sir! understand that pvp is for players that want to brawl each other not to earn income! PvE is for that who would want to ride out there stock tank in a pvp battle? no one thats who! PvE lets you relax and practice the game and the bots them selves are easy going on new players When the players want to duel other players they will go into a pvp game till then get your skill up learn the game and weak points and how to flank in pve and earn the same stuff in pve as in pvp. I vote on PVE and PVP should get the same rewards unless theres a tornament but then again the most kills and damage done could count in a PVE mode too! the possibilitys are endless!

      • Primordial says:

        Your english gave me cancer..

        “till then get your skill up learn the game and weak points and how to flank in pve and earn the same stuff in pve as in pvp”

        I appreciate the tip but as a WoT unicum – 62% WR PVP 90% WR PVE AW player I think my skill surpasses yours massively. I know how to flank in both game types and no matter how you turn the tables PVE will never net the same amount of credits as PVP.

        That’s designed for a reason and that’s how it should stay.

        PVE – is like a single player mode that requires less than 1/3 of skill that PVP demands. It’s extremely easy and predictable with repetitive scenario over and over again. Unlike PVP where skill with map reading, map awareness, shooting, and all other skill actually matter and is crucial for a win.

        PVP > PVE = PVP rewards > PVE rewards

        It’s bad enough that PVE gives consistently high rep, Obsidian will make it worse by giving it more credits as well. Leaving grinders no reason to play PVP if all they want is to progress into higher tiers.

  7. DracoArgentum says:

    Comments and additional info:

    ICE premiums are fine. But what they need to do is implement something on their back end to ensure their stats stay the same as the regular versions if there are buffs/nerfs. If they get out of step we might get premiums that are better than regular tanks. The same goes for Merc tanks as well.

    PvE ammo selection I think people are annoyed by bots chipping HP away with HE spam. In PvP it works because its 15v15 and you can counter it by beating HE spammers before they can grind you down. PvE is more like 5v30 and you will get ground down without some unrealistically good teamwork.

    They are also working on making the gun depression more detailed than the four quadrants they have now. This would let them have accurate models where things interfere with the gun without having to nerf depression along a large arc.

  8. Slyd says:

    Why do you need ru pts? May be i can help somehow. I’ve looked through reddit page and seems like you only set it up and change language files. Can’t see what can cause problems here.
    i’m russian btw.

    • Energycore says:

      Hi! Thanks for answering.

      I don’t need RU PTS but would like to test the tanks and provide feedback which is why i went through the motions as per the reddit post. Unfortunately i don’t know the cause of the problems either but i’m hopeful that a couple days time should have it solved.

      • Slyd says:

        Are you sure you are not on a regular server? I’m pretty sure i had 1b credits/reputation as soon as i logged in and abandoned training mission on pts.
        Clients look very alike in mail.agent http://i.imgur.com/LS0zxeJ.jpg
        PTS is the left one app. Or you can distinguish it by periods of offline.
        I’ll try to remember and log into pts today to check whats there.

  9. Energycore says:

    I figure this is an alright place to ask for help setting up RU PTS.

    I’ve gone through the steps as per the reddit post i found on google. The one thing that i’m missing is the whole having a billion xp / credits to get tanks with. I’m assuming that feature hasn’t changed since the queue is chock full of 9s and suspect that it might have had something to do with my not completing basic training.

    I considered contacting support but unfortunately i don’t speak russian.

    • Spooky says:

      Just a timing thing. Once you’ve played enough games or days I think you get more. It is also 10x every battle.

      • Energycore says:

        That’s the thing that has me worried – i’m not getting x10 for any battle or mission. Played 3-4 battles in the PT-76. Hopefully it fixes itself with time though, thanks for the info.

  10. Zevyn says:

    “If I remember correctly Tyson mentioned this was a bit controversial, but I am not sure why. Shouldn’t bots (and players for that matter) be changing ammo types when firing at different targets?”

    The reason I would think that it’s controversial is that while PVP has evenly matched teams of 15 vs 15 (mostly), PVE does not.

    In PVE you have a team of 5 players vs 30, 40, or more, bots. If one of them hits you in a vulnerable spot with the best ammo available for it, three others will probably be able to do so at the same time, thus ending your match in about 10 seconds, or less.

    I will give that the bots don’t all spawn at once, but they also don’t spawn from the same locations anymore, making it hard to predict which direction you’ll come under fire from, which of course makes it much harder to keep your tough armor forward.

    While I will agree that players should not be able to roflstomp their way through PVE missions, I also feel that AI with access to such advanced functions should be saved for insane mode, that is essentially what it’s there for after all (or will be anyway, once they get the bugs ironed out).

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