Best performing vehicles in Armored Warfare: Project Armata

bar graphs

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  1. Garax says:

    Printing out those 5skill crews seems to have an impact as well…..

  2. Scipio says:

    Notice the tier 9 list only contains mbts.. funny that. If those are the highest then the other vehicles are all sub 49.28 so please buff. High tiers are dominated totally by mbts other classes are also rans… again please buff

    • Spooky says:

      BMPT-72 is also listed, just not in the tier 9 section but in the section higher up. I think they are aware high tier gameplay is out of balance and other classes need to be able to compete more than they do now on those levels.

    • Rhym says:

      The winrates don’t fluctuate much when there are 12 vs 12 MBTs otherwise determining the outcome of the game, and the 3 BMPT-72s or whatever have no influence on the game. You can’t determine the non-MBT t9’s by winrate alone.

  3. Liar83 says:

    Why not average xp? Average damage done? Average damage blocked? Win rate is a red herring, IMO.

    • Spooky says:

      They use more than win rate internally to help decide when to adjust a vehicle. As to why not release average damage, reputation earned, etc….I wish they would.

  4. Fewer says:

    So they have irrefutable proof that selection bias matters…and yet the nerf the 430, which is obviously inflated due to selection bias?

    • Woras says:

      Depends. Maybe the curve was way off above the player/tank WR.
      But knowing OE – they still have million kilometers of ways to learn of perfect balance 😀
      Tho, you dont need to look so far away – WoT has it cool. Just rebalance gold ammo, arties and powercreeps with forgotten underdogs.

    • Spooky says:

      While I agree they need to carefully watch selection bias, they do use more then just win rate when they balance vehicles. Perhaps that makes the case of the 430 worse, but just wanted to be clear win rate isn’t the only criteria used so it is hard to go by just this chart.

  5. Energycore says:

    I guess this is a good start but i would love all winrates from all servers. And graphs of a specific vehicle’s winrate over time. But i guess i ask too much.

  6. BlackPaw says:

    Leo2a6 is sub 50….. buff please.

  7. Daroc says:

    T9 MBTs look balanced due to the fact that there tends to be a lot of them on both sides beating each other up. Lower tier perms on the other hand are often the sole top tier among regular vehicles, not to mention how the less than great players probably won’t invest in prems quite as much.

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