Rich Taylor answers NA/EU Armored Warfare community questions


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  1. Tealwraith says:

    I used Maximilian as my default MBT commander until this last patch because he made 10% extra. Now, after this last patch, which has made PvE so much worse with tanks spawning on top of you every match now, I don’t use Max with his silly 1% boost. Seems kinda strange that AW nerfed a special, one-of-a-kind, no-longer-available, preorder commander, but, whatever. Or, sorry, I mean, not nerfed, just rebalanced and now working as intended. The 10% was probably just a special 11 week buff for the preorder players to give us a jump on leveling or maybe some intern snuck a zero in there and they didn’t catch it until now. The point is, the 10% made MAx a special commander. With that gone, he’s not even a good choice compared to Juan Carlos Miramon.

  2. Liar83 says:

    What? MP heat rounds certainly work that way in real life. In AW they only function as normal HEAT rounds since the start…how is he not aware of this.

  3. Flip says:

    Wonder why they did not bring the Centauro 155 into tier 9. I saw its damage and what it could do first hand in EA3. Was it OP at tier 8? Yup, but think it could compete nicely at 9.
    What new features does the Cryengine have currently, over AW version? I am not a computer genius, so layman’s terms would be great.

  4. Woras says:

    The more tanks – the merrier.

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