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  1. kombajn says:

    I wish they do something whit enemy arty in PvE. On hard difficulty the only difficult thing is that arty tend to focus on one player and fire until it kills you. And when there are more then one arty it starts to get ridiculous. Numerous times I was shot 10+ times by arty before menage to find and kill it or them. And high tier artillery have enough splash dmg so even when you move and shell hit rode next to you, you still take 50-100 dmg. Multiply it by 10 or 15 hits and you are in big troubles. And when you add that for some reason MBTs are blind like bats in PvE IA Artillery is no longer support for enemies it your priority target number one. You have to put aside every thing you were doing and go hunt that scumbag in arty or he will kill you.

  2. Scipio says:

    I hehe seen one shots in game and also on youtube. Go look at fluffycats aw arty video where he one hits amid to high mbt in an arty

    • Woras says:

      And its funny how both companies sound the same – “its intended”.

      Mhm, did OE forgot they cant make the same dumb things WG do/did?

  3. sai91 says:

    One shots does happen in PVE. If you manage to pen a HESH round into the turret of an AFV, and kills all the crew member. 1-shotted a 1k hp BMP-3M with my Chally before.

  4. BrockPaine says:

    I wonder if the Type 85-II might perhaps be the tier VI premium tank for the new third dealer. If I recall correctly, AW prefers to use prototypes as premium vehicles, and tries to fit production vehicles in the regular tree. The Type 85-II could fit that pattern, since it was never produced in quantity (although the turret was reused on the Type 85-IIA, it appears).

    Also interested to see what this “Chieftain Leader” might be.

  5. milanji says:

    Happy Holidays? Which? Learn to say Merry Christmas!!!!

  6. Bob says:

    I very seldom get hit by arty. When I get the incoming warning I move. Period. I see so many people trying to squeeze off another shot.

  7. Macbang says:

    FFS, 80% of all info that is posted is about PVE??? give some more info for us that play PVP

  8. DM says:

    “Penhard” ? Well…

  9. Woras says:

    I was oneshoted for 99% of my HP left.
    By arty.

    Oneshots dont exist and arty should not do more damage than regular tank?
    Say good bye to that lie….

    • Daripuff says:

      If you had even a single up of damage done to you (such as allied ramming damage when starting out) the one shot rule doesn’t apply.

      It only comes into play when you have 100% hp.

      • Woras says:

        Its still bad as WoT arty.

        • Spooky says:

          I don’t think so. Higher tier WoT arty mostly do a lot of damage by design, AW arty mostly prick you to death with successive shots if you don’t get out of their aggro. Just because AW arty *sometimes* does high damage doesn’t make them equal to WoT which mostly do high damage.

          Personally though I just see arty as another class of vehicle…but I understand it is polarizing fro some in these games.

          • Woras says:

            Its not about high damage – its about damage you cannot retaliate to.
            And the most problematic is tier 4 with too big damage and Paladin, which is exactly the arty from Hell in standarts of both games.

            You can balance arty all life – but its not balanceable in such games.

        • BazilDragon says:

          T92 in wot deals 2500 damage he shell Ap deals 1800 damage so please do tje math abot AW arty vs wot arty. Aw deals at most at t8 around 500 so stop complaining,

          • Woras says:

            Paladin does 1500-1800 in 3 shots in 40 seconds – which is same as T92 reload.
            Assuming that it hits – and it does. Because its more accurate and aims faster.

            So……are we sure its not the game design problem? Because WG does that now – they blames players, features and engine, rather than accepting the error they made.

    • Spooky says:

      He stated above that it can happen, it just doesn’t happen often. I’ve never been hit for that much, nor hit anyone for that much, but have read enough reports of it happening to know that it does. They’d be better off saying that it doesn’t usually happen, but that is sort of what he is saying I think.

    • Taihou says:

      ammo rack happens….my friend once hit a PVE bot Chall 2 with 3k damage…

      • Woras says:

        Not ammorack.
        I myself got ammorack twice – but it was WAY back when ammoracks only took 90% of HP.

        All and all – Im happy with internal module damage chances – they are rare.

    • Primordial says:

      Screen shots of that ever happening?

      Or you’re the biggest lie..

      • Woras says:

        Better. I have video made 😀 Be sure to check my channel.

        • Primordial says:


          • Woras says:

            These comments dont allow links.
            Just check for:
            Armored War Fares 0.9 and it will be the second clip.

          • killakanz says:

            Ammo racks definitely do happen in PvE… I have 2 videos to prove it, check my twitch channel (ds_killakanz). I’ve got a highlight where I was driving my Ariete and took 2,323 HP off a bot Leopard 2A5 boss with a single AP round and it survived with 98 HP remaining.
            I also have another highlight where my M60A3 ammo racked a Challenger 2, killing it with an AP round doing 1,153 damage.

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