Spooky, Where Art Thou?


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  1. Centurin says:

    Such a shame. This was a great blog.

  2. Thomas says:

    Finally your back I been waiting. Happy to know it all whent smooth. And about the codes…. That got me by surprise…….I want one.

  3. Fewer says:

    Spook, anything I can do while you are gone to help? Or shall I write something to appease the masses?

  4. A_Lethal1 says:

    Spooky, Glad you made an appearance. I figured with the approach of patch 0.13, that fanat…er..enthusiast like ourselves couldn’t resist making an appearance.
    It occurred to me that while Obsidian couldn’t actually pay you without losing your independence that you could benefit by having links to new trailers. The number of people that read your blog would make this a profitable advertisement for Armoured Warfare or ant other Obsidian games. Every time a reader clicked on a link you would gain some money, even if in a few cents, it would help. Advertising gaming merchandise even adds for premium tanks (without endorsements) could also be done. I am sure Obsidian would find this a way to advertise and wouldn’t compromise your independence.

  5. Jeno says:

    Awesome, the spooks returns!
    Take your time bud, get things sorted IRL and keep being awesome :)
    We’ll be patient… for now.

  6. lonewolf9999 says:

    Darn, wish i could’ve snatched one of those there Mk.6 codes. Been trying hard to get one but not luck as of yet. Any whoo welcome back Spookster!

  7. Valkyrie says:

    Great to hear from you again mate. Maybe a twitch stream for the other codes(if your rested enough to deal with all us impatient fans :P) I dont know just brainstorming with you :)

    Good luck be safe Spooky

  8. Sjeng says:

    Look who’s driving around the corner in his premium BMPT Terminator screaming “I told you: I’ll be BACK”
    Good to hear again from you Spooky.

  9. Liam says:

    The hostage was let free with spooky’s return and no pumpkins were hurt. Welcome back spooky! Your lucky, I was gonna make pumpkin pie and eat it on valentines day with my Gf.

  10. Woras says:

    Damnit Spooky – outsource the blog running to China – how much can it cost anyway 😀

  11. Miscent says:

    Glad to see you are OK.
    That’s what is most important in the end.
    Good luck sorting out the IRL stuff that still need sorting out!

  12. Hayaweh says:

    Hey man, Goodluck with those things to settle.
    (I’ve been “fired” for cause of restructuration a few days ago so now I know what it is when there’s now enough money getting in the Hayaweh mansion :P)

    And to be honest, I followed Armored Talk way more than even the official AW website. 😛

  13. Lampround says:

    Good to hear from you Spooky, take you time but hurry up eh 😉
    No seriously, family always comes first, take your time and come back if and when you can. Suffice to say we miss what you do so hats off for creating a great website :) Is there anyone you vaguely trust to partner with and bring the site back in some form, even Rita with her WOT blog has 1 or 2 people who can cover when necessary? Even the odd article, writen by someone like Garbad, would be well recieived for the time being. God bless

  14. Skippy72 says:

    Good to see u’re still hanging on mate😊
    Its been a bit quiet in here lately.
    I hope u will be back for full soon. And I keep supporting u as soon as its needed again.
    No more codes.
    Well if u get some I’ll ve very happy if I can get one😊

  15. Hawk says:

    Dang wasnt checking regularly and missed codes, ah well.

    Spook have you considered an Armored Talk paetreon or something similar?

  16. Scipio says:

    Good to hear from you.

    I think you should focus on the AT website/ blog articles

    Tank reviews
    Patch notes
    PTS and other changes
    Google translations / info from ru
    Forum content / top threads posted here
    Odd interview with mods/ devs if you can
    the odd youtube video.

    Rely more on the top players in the community for things like tank reviews or guides to help save on time writing.

    I am sure a lot of top players or battalions would help out with content.

    Also ask my.com and oe to assist with any other info, time, interviews etc that they can provide to assist too.

    That what I think anyway.


  17. Jimbo says:

    Hey Spooky glad to hear you’re back. Not surprised the codes are gone, but would love one if you happen to run across more! Also looking forward to future content 😉

  18. PetitBonum says:

    Hey :-)
    Welcome Back Spooky, happy to read u again

  19. Dstud208 says:

    He’s aliiiveeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  20. SpikeSpiegel says:

    I was wondering when when you would surface. Glad to see you.

  21. AppyRose says:

    Glad to see you back :)
    Got your message tonight the Answer is Yes, but can’t find a way to contact you direct.
    Cheers and best,

  22. Nickh101 says:

    glad your going to be back in some form at least i miss your blog pal :(

    i was hoping to get a code being a patreon too if at all possible

  23. Marine_6521 says:

    Hope that everything works out for ya!

  24. MooseKnuckle says:

    Good to see you around Spooky.

  25. tiger7925 says:

    yep all codes are gone

  26. Armedbushido says:

    Damn – I check the site daily morning and night, ugh! :)

  27. ApoTTCC says:

    Welcome back Spooky.
    Yup, looks like the keys are all already gone.

  28. bill ritchie says:

    nvr mind…found the spot to enter…maybe next time I get lucky…CHEERS mate!

  29. BrockPaine says:

    And welcome back, Spooky – whether you’ve been on vacation or not, I’ve been checking the blog every day to see if you’ve returned… Thanks for all the work you’ve done.

  30. bill ritchie says:

    ok…where do i plug in the codes? BTW, WELCOME BACK!
    and thx!

  31. BrockPaine says:

    I just tried all the codes and it looks like they’re all gone. :(

  32. Rune says:

    All the codes are already taken :(

  33. Alexa says:

    I just grabbed 3rd from the bottom. Thanks, Spooky!! Looking forward to the return of Armored Talk :3

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