A bit more of a delay after being pulled back in.

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  1. irish says:

    Sure miss this blog, wish it wasn’t DOA

  2. Slaaneshi Cultist says:

    Trump 2016

  3. Tim says:

    That was Michael, not Vito.

  4. The_Valiant says:

    Spooky, where art thou?

  5. Alexa says:

    So this blog is dead then, I take it? It’s been like 3-4 months.

    • ChairmanMilo says:

      I’ll keep coming back here every day to make sure. It’s almost like a vigil. RSR has good info but not much for AW, and I’d rather scroop my eyes out with a rusty spoon than go to TAP.

      • Woras says:

        OH YOU FANBOIIIII!!!!!!!!
        Nah – cannot go into full rage mode. Not yet.

      • Seb says:

        Why so much hate for my blog? May I ask why you hate it?

        • Woras says:

          Its the line of power. SS gave it to Rita.
          Some follow power because they are powerless to choose themselves.

          • ChairmanMilo says:

            I prefer other blogs. Seb’s behaviour in the T110 thread really took him out of consideration for me.

            It’s not hate. It’s preference.

            • Seb says:

              It’s hard not to be annoyed when Dai comes on your blog and insults you. And then brags about banning one of my leakers while she banned an innocent person instead.

              I stopped being hostile there, made truces with sp15 (more like a non-agression pact) and Karika (more like a mutual cooperation treaty, allowing me to share his future works). SS is gone too and I still read the thread and respond to interesting stuff, that is rare. Now I monitor it for TAP interests.

              You can notice that I became milder – I was just really annoyed then.

              However, it’s up to you to do whatever you want. I don’t blame you. Just wanted to tell you that all my hate was transformed into desire for work and fair competition and it’s a lot better now.

        • Jeno says:

          I’ve never read your blog simply because I don’t care one bit about WoT anymore. SS and Rita have always been good (SS great, Rita good enough) back in the day. What I really want is a good AW blog :/

  6. Jeno says:

    Okay, I4ve officially given up on Spooky.

    Has anyone got a good alternative?

  7. Liam says:

    I guess the blog has kinda died, huh?

  8. The_Valiant says:

    “Oh brother, where art thou?”

  9. Slaaneshi Cultist says:

    Guys. Spooky died in a tragic gaping machine accident. :(

    • Woras says:

      He can come back as a ghost.

    • Jimbo says:

      Nah na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodybe… ;(
      Sad to see it end like this. Loved reading new info on this game. Is there another place that shares current news?

      • Slaaneshi Cultist says:

        Not great ones, no. Unfortunately AW itself is on the path of lingering death.

        • Garzenesh says:

          I hear the EU server is still doing ok, but once the Puma and Leo ICE events ended, NA has become a virtual ghost town. Sad, I still prefer AW to WoT, but at this rate, NA will be dead in a month.

  10. Jeno says:

    I do wonder what on earth could be more interesting than bringing us AW news… I keep refreshing this page daily just in case… Come on Spooks, we need you 😮

  11. Woras says:

    Spooky comes back on April 1st saying “IM BACK!” and then disappears again…
    Good joke but jokes on him 😀

  12. Liam says:

    I think I’m gonna have to grow a few more hostages…. Or buy some.

  13. Wolfgang says:

    Just a shame this was a really good blog for AW

  14. Garzenesh says:

    Since Spooky is still MIA (real life? what’s that?), does anyone know of other good AW news blogs? Of course, nothing could effectively replace Spooky, but one still needs to get one’s daily fix of AW news and info!

  15. Taihou says:

    Spooky come back! Chinese tonks are here!

  16. JayMorr says:

    Please come back I will be glad to pledge money for you to keep this blog alive or if you need help keeping up on things just please contact me and I will be glad to do research for you.

  17. Woras says:

    Not easy to escape bank robbery business, aint it Spooky? 😀

  18. Track_Tension says:

    Did someone make him an offer he can’t refuse?

  19. Lampround says:

    We’ll still be here :)

  20. Hawk says:

    Dont worry spook, no matter how long it takes you’ll still be back in action before obsidian actually gets 0.13 out on NA/EU servers :)

  21. Thomas says:

    I need news FEED ME SPOOKY

  22. Seb says:

    The Armored Patrol wishes you the best. Together we can defeat Rita :)

  1. February 12, 2017

    […] my return to Armored Warfare have been greatly diminished. By the time I returned from my hiatus, started a comeback, and had a personal setback….Armored Warfare had lost momentum. Not just for me, but for many […]

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