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  1. The_Valiant says:

    Didn’t expect to find this gem of a post here <3
    It was a pleasure having you in the community mate – all the best. As for a mountain, you'll certainly find one yet that is an absolute pleasure to climb.

  2. Der_Muskrat says:

    Hey Spooky, long time lurker and blog post reader of yours. We were sad to see you go, and many of us knew over the months after that it was likely goodbye for you, and goodbye to armored Warfare. The game has progressed until today, but not as we hoped it would. i wish you the best in your endeavors, and kindly ask for a correspondence by email, if you so wish. I’m not a game developer but i am a heavy game enthusiast as well as a network IT professional. I do wish you good luck and wish you perseverance on your path to something you can believe in. Happy tanking!!

  3. Slaaneshi Cultist says:

    I’m just glad that you’re alive. Been checking once a month for the past year. Good luck on future endeavors.

  4. Woras says:

    AW will die sooner or later if they wont address the key faults of the game: balance, graphics and physics.
    Basically the whole damn game needs to be remade or upgraded to v3.0 version.
    So its a death.

    As for you – not a lot of MP games are there to get hooked on – they are mostly are from big companies or early access forever games.
    So….your choice πŸ˜€

  5. Spacy says:

    Thanks for the time you used here and good luck in the future.
    Loved reading the uppdates here.

    Im one of the people that hope Obsidian makes the game they wanted now as people have started sugesting a crowd funding campain for that.

    • Spooky says:

      While that would be awesome, I’d be shocked if Obsidian didn’t have a noncompete clause in their contract. If they ever do though….hit me up guys. πŸ˜‰

  6. Dstud208 says:

    Farewell old-friend-and-man-I’ve-never-actually-met-but-really-enjoyed-reading-from, you will be missed. Hopefully you find something that you love, I enjoyed your words back in the glory days. You seem to reflect my views exactly. Good luck and adieu.

  7. Jacky Yan says:

    Well, didn’t expect to see any update in here lol. But I guess it is the right timing to hear a offical goodbye from you. I was random loafing through my file of saved website and a random click bring me back to here.
    Anyway as time goes by wish you have fun in the process and make no regrets. (sorry about my english since it is not my major ha

  8. Nemesis says:

    Spooky!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you back bud.

    That reddit link…do you believe he speaks the truth?

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