For those that don’t know the main driving force behind Armored Talk, let me introduce myself.



Most will know me by my in-game name of bSpooky or sometimes Spooky if it is available. In World of Various Games (tanks, warships, generals) and on my Twitch and YouTube channels you will likely recognize me by some version of my pumpkin. :-)

Dating myself, but I started off on the Commodore Vic 20 “computer” and Atari 2600 gaming system. I could have held the world’s record in the Superman game for the 2600 if I had only owned a camera… OK, moving on. 😉 Having been a big time board game and video game lover all my life, I did take a hiatus from multiplayer online games between the original StarCraft days and 2014 when I started playing a few MMOs and World of Tanks. But I am back now with a vengeance.

I hope this website will help people gain an interest in game playing through my passion. The main focus will be Armored Warfare and in real life modern vehicles (hey, you I have to learn about what I am driving!) but there may be a few surprises sprinkled in here and there.We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing.  I don’t know if it will require another blog or not, but I may subject you to some board game news. As my favorite quote may indicate, games are at my core and in my soul.

What else. Oh yeah, what I do/did for a living. While I have degrees in mathematics and history, my career took a different turn. After a brief stint in teaching, I moved into Information Technology. Yes, that is a big field with many different specializations, but I did most of them. Among other things, I have been a technology director, programmer, systems analyst, web designer, security officer (the tech kind, not the guard dog kind although they are similar at times), and consultant. But now I am all yours. Ok, I still do freelance work when I want to can get it, as well as serve on my local library board.

Join me in my adventures to bring happiness to the masses through games and a positive attitude.