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Spooky's commander and crew in Armored Warfare 12

Crew and Progression in Armored Warfare

Crew and commanders in Armored Warfare are areas I expect to see a lot of improvements in over the next year. This doesn’t meant you should ignore them now and the Armored Warfare portal has a guide of sorts up (see below) explaining the crew at least. Different people have different play styles but I have to say I’ll normally go for acceleration choices, aim speed and shoot for the hip, and reload faster then...

Armored Warfare commanders in 0.8 18

New commander skills, Early access 5 begins in Russia, OBT is ?

Today early access 5 started on the Russian Armored Warfare: Project Armata server. I am not sure Mail.Ru refers to their testing stages in the same way as does. However, with the 0.8 patch being applied to the closed beta server in Russian they are at a similar point to where’s Armored Warfare will be when EA5 starts on September 3rd, 2015. The release notes are the same we have seen before: 11...