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Object 155 in Armored Warfare 17

Object 155 (reward tank) being buffed, more changes to Armored Warfare 8.1387 [Updated]

Awhile back it was announced that early access testers in Armored Warfare would be getting an Object 155 MBT as an award tank. This is very nice, I’ll always take free tanks! I know at times it seems from other games the freebie tanks are not the greatest. So far Armored Warfare hasn’t let any “bad” tanks stand. They have removed some vehicles for complete overhauls (Centrauro 155/39LW comes to mind), and shown many tanks some...

Armored Warfare patch notes 14

Armored Warfare PTS update patch notes

Looks like the Armored Warfare PTS is getting an update. A lot of you are not playing on the PTS, but the changes that come to it will trickle their way down to EA5 or Armored Warfare’s open beta (October-ish). I really like how they have a short synopsis before the vehicle balance changes now. So in case you are interested in the changes being made…   Introducing PTS Update 0.8.1381 Obsidian Entertainment and

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PTS patch in RU, with some shenanigans thrown in, bonus weekend in Armored Warfare

Yesterday the Russian PTS was patched to version 0.8.1356.  I would imagine a patch with these changes (and more) is coming to the PTS server as well. Players should be grateful the below patch was applied to the RU PTS first, though. Why? Well, let’s just say there were some unintended consequences and after a few games I decided to move on. 😉 If you play on the Russian PTS I think the 300-ish...

PTS update brief 0

Armored Warfare PTS updated to 0.8.1344

Armored Warfare PTS has a patch today. The update is relatively small, weighing in at 618.7 MB: Be sure to take a look at all of the content added in this version of Armored Warfare.  Peruse the new vehicles that are included in 0.8, and take a look at how the new bases in Armored Warfare, each building provides a different bonus. Below are the changes brought by this update: Obsidian Entertainment and are...

Armored Warfare patch notes 26

Armored Warfare PTS has a major patch applied

The PTS in Armored Warfare has a major update! Version 0.8 is an early version of what Armored Warfare’s 5th early access is going to be. I would suspect most players would be anxious to try all the new additions. Has it fixed everything and Armored Warfare is now the perfect game? Of course not. Like any other great project, there are incremental steps being made towards greatness. There are bug fixes, of course, and...

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Three free tanks on PTS today, update to EA4 server

PTS free tanks Just a public service announcement that today we will get not one, not two, but three tanks unlocked on the Armored Warfare PTS server. I know many of you collected the Ramka today and had a chance to check out the new balance. Tomorrow 8/19 we will unlock some more tanks for you to test. T-72A, T-80, and T-90. These tanks will be unlocked for you on PTS tomorrow and you will...

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Armored Warfare PTS getting extended testing hours

The Armored Warfare public test server (PTS) is getting a few buffs. Longer testing hours and quicker patches. The first patch is scheduled for this upcoming Monday. Review the previous information about the Armored Warfare PTS if you are not familiar with it. Basically, it is a testing proving ground for upcoming patches and can be more unstable than the regular early access test server. What players get out of this is quicker feedback on...