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Armored Warfare NA Winter Cup tournament results

You may recall the NA Winter Cup tournament was happening this weekend. Congrats to BADGR for taking home first place! The winning teams and players of the tournament are: 1st Place – BADGER (enVy, Cauldronborn, Pink_Guy, Virusriv, SaintBlindFire, Spishak, H3LLFish, Welinator, BigNoxx, IM_A_BANANA, SgtNightwars, x99percent_luck, XiLxBULLETx, wazzybear, Bobo) 2nd Place – KEVIN (Kilo, Blaspheme, Terrachova, Wandorf, Pompous, GentleStraw, Xanitos, Masasume, illusionalsgcty, Gyarados, Obey, Check, Gatortribe, Zeven, GimliTron) 3rd Place – OTTER (Tenet, Adeptus, Bugpicker, DCLONTZ,...

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First Armored Warfare tournament (albeit an unofficial one)!!

One of the features coming up in the 0.11 patch in Armored Warfare on November 17th is the capability to make custom matches. This will be a great way for clans or friends to practice team tactics. Or for people to jump in and explore maps. Another novel use for this new feature is a community running their own tournament!!! That is exactly what German Warfare News is doing. I believe this will be on...