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Grinding in Armored Warfare and upgrades between Proven and Renowned vehicle status

Have you noticed playing in the Armored Warfare early access test that the vehicle upgrades stop half way to unlocking the next tank? Let’s discuss what is likely to be done with that second 50% of progression and why this 50% is an important part of what makes Armored Warfare unique. Most online games have a system where a player must repeatedly play the game in order to earn rewards to spend on acquiring new...

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Armored Warfare vs World of Tanks culture

Noob! Wallet warrior! Tomato! Camper! Online tank games have more than their fair share of insults and provocations, most of which are not appropriate to share on this site. There is no denying the internet has had a profound impact on society, but not always in a good way. Whether people hide behind their anonymity or just let their true selves shine through when they are behind the keyboard, the internet can be an ugly...

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Armored Warfare Founder’s Pack Value

We know the Armored Warfare Founder’s Packs are available now, but are they worth it? Do they represent a good deal? If you are already familiar with Armored Warfare and the founders pack system in modern day gaming, feel free to jump down to the lower sections . What are Founder’s Packs and how do you measure their value? Founder’s pack have become fairly common in today’s gaming world. For the player they usually offer the...

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Armored Warfare’s publisher downgraded after revenues increase

Armored Warfare is developed by Obsidian Entertainment but published by*, a brand of Russian company On 4/23/2015 was set to announce revenues. Today in a note to investors, Barclays downgraded’s stock to an equal weight rating. This despite’s first quarter revenues increased by 7.3% year-on-year. Advertising revenue being down, economic conditions in Russia, and the abandonment of of the sale of HeadHunter were mostly to be blamed, according ot What does this have to do...

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Artillery in Armored Warfare vs. World of Tanks

Artillery, also known as self propelled gun or SPG for short, is a contentious subject in tank games these days. Many players are familiar with World of Tanks artillery and the divisive culture it has created in that game. In short, a very vocal anti-arty camp is tired of being obliterated by “clickers” and the game has seen numerous nerfs by the developer and hate threads on forums. Armored Warfare artillery had a similar mechanic in the first Alpha, but since then it has been undergoing changes in gameplay (support shells anyone?).