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Retrofit system in Armored Warfare: Official information

We get some official news from the portal today on the Armored Warfare retrofit system. When the Russian PTS (public test server) came online I was able to get some of the first looks at the new retrofit system in Armored Warfare. If you missed those images you may want to check them out to see the kind of bonuses the different equipment gives. One clarification from the information we had on the Russian PTS...

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Armored Warfare Retrofit system

As we mentioned yesterday with a bunch of new information on upcoming Armored Warfare builds, the public test server (PTS) in Russia was going to have the new¬†Retrofit System. As SilentStalker (Content Manager for Armored Warfare) pointed, the build NA and EU gets won’t be exactly the same. Obsidian is still rolling in patches and updates to what the NA and EU servers will be getting. However, the majority of the content should be similar....