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Video of Armored Warfare 8

Armored Warfare tricks and hints videos…break out the popcorn while enjoying your 3x weekend

First, remember there is a special bonus weekend for the holiday: and Obsidian Entertainment are proud to announce the holiday bonus weekend! From the 24th of December, 2015 to the 27th of December, 2015, the players can earn three times as much reputation from each battle than usual. Second, Armored Warfare had a Tips and Tricks contest where they asked members of the community to submit their best videos. Maybe I need to do something...

Jingles youtuber 14

The Mighty Jingles Guide to Armored Warfare

Hey, look at that, super popular Jingles has put out a video on the similarities and differences of World of Tanks and Armored Warfare. As I’ve mentioned before I will usually verify content before I point you at it. However, the Armored Warfare team is pointing at this video and Jingles is usually entertaining that I think you may find value in watching it. I am about half way through. Many of you who have read...

ArmoredGuest 3

Armroed War Fares 0.7

Still no instant replays available in Armored Warfare. This has to make the job of montage makers a whole lot harder. I hope to bring you some comedic breaks every now and then. I really liked the Ranzar cartoon series, but it usually fits more with satire on Wold of Tanks. Armored War Fares has been a series of humorous moments in Armored Warfare. This one really picks up the humor pace about the 1:1o mark...

Twitch bSpooky 0

Spooky streaming live during Armored Warfare’s early access

I’ll be streaming off and on during the head start period, you can see a preview below when I am online. No, I am not a world famous tank MMO tournament playing certified pro gamer, but you are certainly invited to watch me play Armored Warfare. I won’t promise you will see the finest tanking mechanics around, but (most of the time) you won’t see the worst either. 😉 Spooky’s live stream (ok, I am bSpooky...

Joshua Morris (Jinxx71) and Rich Taylor (RedFox) 6

Exclusive Armored Warfare interview: Rich Taylor and Josh Morris full session

Want a behind the scenes look at an interview? Earlier today you read some of the responses from Obsidian’s project director and lead developer for Armored Warfare, Rich Taylor (RedFox). I thought many of you would be interested in seeing the entire interview though. This was conducted by Josh (Jinxx71), Senior Producer of Armored Warfare, at Obsidian’s headquarters in Irvine, California. I figured it would be best to just get this out there for you since some...

YouTube 0

Armored War Fares 5 by Woras

Considering there are not any saved replays yet Woras is doing a good job with his comedic montages in Armored Warfare. When Obsidian implements replays and a free camera during replays his artistic license should allow him to do an even better job. I really like the start of this one…poor tank getting smushed.

Twitch bSpooky 2

Streaming Armored Warfare

Currently streaming some PvE on the EU server!! Stream has now ended but I will leave it in the history for awhile: Playing PvE on the EU server was more fluid for me. The lower pings compared to the RU server likely helped with that.

YouTube 1

Armored War Fares

For your viewing pleasure if you are stuck not being able to play in the Armored Warfare test this weekend…Woras has the third installment of his Armored War Fares ready for your viewing enjoyment:

video 3

Way of the Leopard 1: A Roar of Three Parts in Armored Warfare

  The Leopard I in Armored Warfare roared during the second tests, and it was a roar of three parts. The most obvious part was a 6 kill, 4200 damage game of long range sniping. If there had not been friendly scouts the roar would not have been heard. If there had been more enemy scouts, even quick peeks over the hill, the Leopard would have been chased off. There were none of the enemy...

video 1

Mini-review & gameplay of the PT-76, Patton, and M109 Artillery

With Armored Warfare testing starting again I thought it would be good to a few videos from round one uploaded. This way you have something to watch while you wait for all the streams to start. Don’t forget I will be streaming a lot during the tests too. We may end up creating a series of min-reviews if vehicles attributes stabilize at some point during early access testing. For now I hope you will enjoy our...