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Armata Main Battle Tank 5

Russia’s takes the wraps off the Armata main battle tank

Ahhh, the anticipated Armata T-14 MBT (main battle tank). While likely not as hot as the MiG 15 which scared the West, there is piqued interest in this tank. News about this armored vehicle will be coming at a faster pace now that it has had its picture published by the Russian’s Defense Ministry. We will certainly see more of this main battle tank in the Victory Day parade (May 9th), but we do know or have guessed at...

youtube 2

Youtube gameplay of Armored Warfare

With the April alpha tests going on some new videos are being released. We will update this page with some of the better ones when we find them. Remember, Armored Warfare early access / closed beta test is looming! Updated: 4/24 added more videos. Krebs:   Fiaura The Tank Girl, Plays Armored Warfare:   The Mighty Jingles:   Phash (in German):   Ranger1   Capt Canada

Armored Warfare tank coming out of fire in the city 4

When does Armored Warfare beta start?

Many fans are waiting for Armored Warfare. First announced over a year ago armor enthusiasts, World of Tanks players, and game lovers alike have been trying to get into the closed alpha. With an initial projection of beta beginning in the first quarter of 2015 (so January-March, 2015) some fans were disappointed the closed beta did not start. However, with a post about what to expect going forward, the Armored Warfare team has started the expectation train chugging faster. Highlights:

Armored Warfare screenshot 8

Armored Warfare…what is it?

Armored Warfare is an upcoming free-to-play online video game. The focus will be on team-based tactical play in a military atmosphere. Some may call it an MMO as there will be a massive amount of people playing this multiplayer game. However, instead of hundreds of avatars running around on the ground in your traditional MMORPG, there will be two teams of about 15 armored vehicles each fighting it out on different maps. Think this sounds like the big...

Beginnings 1

Armored Talk Beginnings

Armored Talk kicks off today…and that is no joke despite the calendar displaying April 1st. The vision is for a one-stop place for all your Armored Warfare and real life armored vehicle news. We may not be able to help ourselves from also covering World of Warships and other games as well, but we will stay away from politics, religion, and all those hot button topics that are substantive. Why? Because this is an entertainment site,...